17 Celebrity Mom's Get Real About Motherhood In Breastfeeding Confessions


Ladies - It's 2019. Why are we STILL getting our panties in a bunch over HOW other Moms choose to care for their own freakin' children. WHY!? Just get it over and get a life already.



Keep scrolling to find out some of the most hilarious (and not to mention, GROSSEST) celebrity Mom confessions I have ever come across. Enjoy!

1. 'Unclogging' Milk Ducts

"Jay had to get them out for me," Kristin said in the clip. "Sucking harder than he's ever sucked."


On an episode of Very Cavallari (If you've never seen it before I strongly recommend that you do), Kristin Cavallari admitted that her husband  Jay Cutler had to "help" her out when her milk ducts were "major clogged."

Later, Kristin said that Jay saved her life, so while yes, it may seem unconventional, hey, he got the job done! Sometimes a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.

2. Nursing' the Husband

"So I said to my husband, 'I really need you to suck this out. We could talk about it, we could be weird about it, or you could just go ahead and nurse," she revealed. "He pulled it out. He had a cup next to him. He was pulling out and spitting into this


In an episode of her #Momsplaining YouTube show, Kristen Bell (Whom I absolutely ADORE) shared when she had mastitis (which is a condition which causes a woman's breast tissue to become painful and inflamed), husband Dax Shepard had to help her out, too, (BLESS these husbands) and he totally stepped up to the plate... because he's Dax Shephard and he's amazing.  Their baby wasn't nursing anymore, so it was up to him to get it done.

3. Breastfeeding a Baby Doll

"Luna making me feed her baby doll so I guess I have twins now,"


Never a dull moment (LOL).

4. Wine While Breastfeeding




"I was excited that I was allowed to have a beer," the Real Housewives star said. "I don't think that it produced more milk. I don't believe in any of the gimmicks!"

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Bethenny Frankel (From the original, fabulous Housewives of New York) was TOTALLY ready for a beer after having a baby back in 2011 -- 100% an understandable craving after going nine months without alcohol (I'd be asking for a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio 0.1 seconds after I pushed the thing out, personally!). According to what she told Hollywood Life at the time, she didn't hold back from drinking while breastfeeding, either.

6. Drinking a Sibling's Breast Milk

Sister Sister , 


The Real star was more than willing to give this a shot as it wasn't the first time she's tried her sister's breast milk -- what?!

she'd tried it before.

According to Tamera, Tia's breast milk is the best milk she's ever had.


Okay, breathe, don't freak out, it's all fine, everything is fine. On to the next one!


7. Pumping During a Gala

"Breastfeeding is NATURAL," Nicole wrote. "I have to admit there were times at the Olympics I was feeding Boomer in the stands. I want it to be known women don’t have to hide in a bathroom to take a moment to provide our babies with food."


10. Avenging a Milk Mix-Up

"Somehow, Mark got ahold of my breast pump -- in a bag with all the milk, ice packs in there, and sh*t. Our cars got separated," Scarlett revealed. "Apparently, Kelly looked over, and she was like, 'Wait a minute -- is that Scarlett's breast pump? We'v

Jen Lowery/Splash News

In an interview with Marie Claire, Scarlett Johansson admitted to a major milk mix up she had after pumping at the 2015 Oscars shortly after her daughter, Rose, was born. Like many nursing moms will understand, just because she was at the Oscars didn't mean she didn't have to pump - cause boobs don't care if you're wearing a $50,000 Gucci dress - and her milk (and pump) ended up going home with Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa (LOL).

See folks? Celebrity Moms are just like us regular Moms! Apart from the fact that we leave our breast pumps in the grocery store... not at the Oscars.


9. Breastfeeding Fake-Out

"When I was breastfeeding him,  was so jealous I had to get a little milk box and put it in the other bra with a straw so she would drink and he would drink," the reality star mom confessed. "She's so jealous. It's crazy. The things you do."



10. Crying Over Spilled Milk

Some people would just call it a wash, but not Chrissy Teigen!

11. Breastfeeding Wardrobe Malfunction

"With all the wardrobe changes, one thing I hadn't accounted for was that I didn't have time to pump, so my proportions definitely started to, shall we say, increase throughout the day," she revealed. "I walked out onstage for one appearance in a

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The fabulous Blake Lively was still a new mom when she shared this relatable breastfeeding story in 2015. During a live TV appearance, Blake forgot to account for the fact that her breasts would be larger if she couldn't pump ... and that almost led to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. (Or fortunate... depending on which team you play for)

Fortunately, it sounds like everything worked out!

12. Mile-High (Pumping) Club

"mile high club"


(Spoiler alert: It's not glamorous, LOL.)

13. Drive-By Pumping

 'World Breastfeeding Week'


Sometimes, a mama has to do what a mama just has to freakin' do!

No more checking your phone when you get a minute, it's all about pumping wherever and whenever you can!

14. Faking a Boob Job

"So I didn't pump for a full day," Kristen told Seth Meyers when she stopped by his show. "And I said to the kids, 'Daddy's making a movie, go to the fridge, the food truck is closed.'"


When Kristen Bell starred in CHiPS, she was still breastfeeding, and at the time, her character was supposed to have a boob job... so the timing was pretty perfect tbh. Anyway, to make it more realistic, she didn't pump at all for a day to make her breasts look larger, all for her craft. (But ladies, can you imagine the PAIN!?)

Honestly, I just want Kristen and Dax to shut up and adopt me already.


15. Coco Austin Got Breastfeeding Backlash

"She's not really needing me to eat food at all, 'cause she has teeth," Coco said in an interview with OK! Magazine. "It's more of a comfort thing. She needs me more of those times when she wants mommy, or the nap times, or going to bed."


Last year, Coco Austin got backlash for breastfeeding her daughter, Chanel, well past her second birthday and close to her third year, but she wasn't worried about what people thought about her -- she said she'd feed her daughter that way for comfort for as long as Chanel seems to need it. But that hasn't stopped people from raising an eyebrow or 100 at her.

16. Breastfeeding in the Shower


Seriously, what nursing mama HASN'T been here? Jenna Jameson's shower breastfeeding pic might've come with a ton of controversy, but is so relatable on a number of levels. I mean, when you become a mom, there's literally not enough hours in the damn day!  And of course, it's the best two-for-one: baby is fed and clean -- the end! Thank U NEXT!

17. Addicted to Breastfeeding

"I'm like an alcoholic," she confessed. "I don't care if I cry, I don't care if I'm fat. I'm just gonna do it one more week, one more month, and then, when I see how much good it's doing her, I can't stop."

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Which is fair enough, it can be hard to give up such a miraculous bond with your child. Also... just think of all the calories it burns!


Well, how do you feel about this one, folks!?  Is there any you can relate to on this list? Any that made you pump your fist triumphantly in the air!? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to share this with your friends and family! Especially any who may be breastfeeding right now. AAx