17 Of The Most Savage Things Grandma's Have Ever Said

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2. This one is clearly a bit of a joker.

3. This one is a little bit frisky. Well why not!

4. A lifetime of experience in de-stressing.

5 . Well you are never too young for a drink are you ;-)

6. They are full of all the best wise cracks.

7. Not all grandmothers need to love cooking you know!

8. They are always there for you when you need them.

9. This granny clearly has some anger issues when it comes to her card games.

10. Well I mean what can be more important that Judge Judy!

11. Still got it!

12. This grandma is more worldly than most!

13. Great music taste!

14. Never mess with granny!

15. Fashion taste!

16. They can be brutally honest but that's why we love em.

17. Well it's the oldest profession!

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