17 Tourist Attractions That Suck According To The Locals

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1.) Old Town – Florida, USA

Old Town may be the place to visit for tourists thanks to the abundance of places to shop and dine. However, locals report that it really is the place to avoid and that’s not just because of annoying tourists! Apparently, it’s basically just a “crappy amusement park”. Might not want to waste your time then!

2.) Juliet's Balcony – Verona, Italy

It may be pretty and picturesque, not to mention being the PERFECT place to get that Instagram shot but locals really don’t recommend you visit. The street and small square where the balcony are so JAM-PACKED that you basically can’t move, let alone get a decent picture! It’s just some random balcony after all, it’s not worth the panic-inducing claustrophobia and sweaty armpits!

3.) Starbucks at Pike Place Market – Seattle, USA

Okay, so it IS pretty cool as it is the original Starbucks, meaning it was the VERY FIRST. However, locals recommend skipping it and going to the regular old Starbucks down the road as it’s far less busy!

4.) Kuta Beach – Bali, Indonesia

If you’re looking for beautiful beaches in Bali, you might want to avoid this place! It’s overcrowded, filthy and full of annoying drunk people (probably tourists). I mean, unless you’re looking for late-night partying, there’s not much else this beach offers.

5.) Cardiff Castle – Cardiff, Wales

If you’re planning on hitting Cardiff Castle on a Welsh adventure, locals recommend going to Castle Arcade or Welsh Diagon Alley instead, which are literally just across the road! Apparently, Cardiff Castle just isn’t all that great.

6.) London Bridge – London, England

London Bridge is just a boring old bridge, tourists usually stop locals and ask where London Bridge is WHILE STANDING ON IT. If you want a cool, fancy bridge check out Tower Bridge next to the Tower of London.

7.) Navy Pier – Chicago, USA

This is what locals describe as a classic “tourist trap”. There aren’t even good shops there! It’s a waste of time and money folks, don’t fall into the trap!

8.) Las Ramblas – Barcelona, Spain

Trust me, I’ve been here. It’s literally just a street PACKED with tourists and pickpockets. It’s jam-packed with rip-off restaurants and just general chaos. It’s a huge disappointment considering it’s one of the most famous streets in the world!

9.) The Las Vegas sign – Nevada, USA

I know, it’s an iconic sign that you simply NEED to get that Instagram selfie at. However, it’s actually quite small and always super crowded. The parking is terrible but it’s too far away to walk. Just avoid it, it’s one big hot mess.

10.) Champs Elysées – Paris, France

If you are looking to shop you have two options. Luxury stuff that is WAY too expensive for most of us. Or, regular shops like McDonald's and Sephora that you could go to ANYWHERE else and it won’t be nearly as crowded. Also, if you want a coke that will cost you $11.

11.) The Bean – Chicago, USA

It’s a silver blob that acts as a huge mirror. If you see a picture of it, like above, that’s basically with. It’s not really worth seeing unless you REALLY need that Instagram photo.

12.) Burj Khalifa – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It’s basically a really tall building and that’s about it. You’ll stare at it for a few seconds and will be like WOW. Then you’re bored and you wonder why you bothered.

13.) The Liberty Bell – Philadelphia, USA

Do you fancy queuing in a line for two hours to see a REPLICA of a bell for 5 minutes? I know that I certainly don’t, the LOCALS certainly don’t and any tourists will definitely regret it.

14.) Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

It is an awesome looking castle. However, you can see it basically wherever you are in Edinburgh. It’s also incredibly pricey and kind of boring, unless you are a massive history nerd it’s probably one to avoid.

15.) Drottninggatan – Stockholm, Sweden

If you’re a tourist that doesn’t like visiting places that are basically full of other tourists, this might be another one to avoid according to locals. It’s apparently incredibly un-charming and shockingly over-priced.

16.) Rathausplatz Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Market) – Vienna, Austria

If you like a lot of hassle and extreme over-crowding, then this market is for you! If you prefer a peaceful life where you save your money and enjoy local culture, you might want to avoid this market.

17.) Bourbon Street – New Orleans, USA

Looking for a night out? Locals warn you to avoid Bourbon Street. The drinks will cost you your life savings and you are likely to get your wallet stolen, if you have any money left from the over-priced drinks, that is.

I apologise if you were planning on going to any of those places on your next vacation. At least the locals are looking out for you and saving you from wasting your time! You are much better immersing yourself in local culture than going to the same-old over-priced tourist spots.

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