17 Toys All Nineties Kids Desperately Wanted For Christmas


Mr Frosty meant you could make flavoured ice treats and your own slushies without having to beg your mum to let you get one at the corner shop. You could make ice lollies, flavoured ice cubes, and Mr Frosty would crush ice for your own icy treats.

Crystal Making Set

Argos was the home of all things creative, and they had a number of amazing science sets. Crystal Wonder was one of these sets that every child in the 90s wanted, and who can blame them? They were amazing.


These furry monsters were wanted by everyone. They freaked me out, but they're bug eyes charmed everyone into buying them. They were also huge battery eaters, so if you ended up with a Furby, you also needed five packs of batteries to go with it. They were also really expensive to buy, so a Furby would be your main present if you asked for it at Christmas.

Mousetrap Board Game

The 90s was the era of board games, but none were more coveted than Mousetrap, a game with dozens of pieces, which were vital to play the game. If you lost one piece of the game you were screwed and needed to buy a new one.

Doodle Bears

They were the bears that you could colour in and draw all over without getting into trouble. They could be washed easily in the washing machine without much trouble. It was a miracle!

Make Up Set

Every girl wanted a £30 make up set from Argos, the ones in the silly shaped containers, or the huge black ones that took a lot of space. These make up sets make us cringe now with their many shades of blue and green, that never suited us.

The Sims

This was the PC game that changed your world, and moved your from spider solitaire into the big league of computer gaming. Nothing has changed over the years, and we still love this game.

Baby All Gone

Baby All Gone was a miracle. She was a doll that could actually eat! Well until we released she wasn't actually eating the cherries of the spoon and it was just an early form of wizardry. Be honest, how long did it take you to release she wasn't actually eating the cherries?

Beyblade Stadium

Everyone had a Beyblade, and many of us played with them in the school playground or on the street. But not everybody had one of these plastic bad boys that took Beyblade fighting to a whole new level.

Teksta Dog

What was better than getting a dog? Getting a robot dog! This robot K9 took man's best friend to a whole new level. It was all the positives of having a dog, without the responsibility of having a real dog.

Polly Pockets

These were amazing. Tiny plastic doll houses that you could take anywhere in your pocket. They were the one thing every girl defiantly wanted and needed. But if you dropped Polly on the floor and stood on her, it would hurt almost as much as Lego.


This was the game that taught us it's tough being a parent. Our Tamagotchi pets are more than likely still alive, and they constantly demanded our constant attention and care. How many pets did you kill on your Tamagotchi?

Candle Making Set

The 90s were the era of arts and craft, and every child was obsessed with making candles. We were all set if the electric cut out!

Pokemon Blue

We've always been obessed with Pokemon, and back then it was with Pokemon Blue or Red, we weren't picky. We just wanted to catch them all.

What's Her Face Doll

This was one of the creepiest things you could buy. Dolls can be creepy as it is, but this pushed the boat. This doll had no face, which you meant you could draw one on. Obviously many kids had nightmares about What's Her Face Doll's crooked and badly drawn eyes staring at you from the bottom of your bed... What, was that just me?

Hair Style Doll

These dolls helped us learn how to plat, and braid hair. Something we still find useful to this day. No wonder we all have great hair!


They were the dolls with attitude. While these didn't start to come in till the very late 90s, they still managed to find their way onto our Christmas wish list. They were more glamorous than barbie, and they became Kylie Jenner's make up inspiration. You go Bratz!