17 Hilarious Wives Whose Husbands Are 100% Lucky To Have Them

17 Hilarious Wives Whose Husbands Are 100% Lucky To Have Them

17 Hilarious Wives Whose Husbands Are 100% Lucky To Have Them

Men have a pretty good go at it, but I think we all know that women are the true queens of SHADE.

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Women are so passive aggressive when they’re p*ssed off, that this actually turns into some kind of expert level trolling behaviour.

& It’s not just the passive-aggressive anger that we channel into our trolling, no no, some of us ladies also have such a fabulous, cynical and dark sense of humour, it comes out in some of the most weird and wonderful ways!

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So, sit back, relax and feast your eyes on these 17 wonderfully wacky females, who will seriously make you question your trolling game… (and maybe, your life!)

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1. Probably not quite what he had in mind…

In theory, it is a dirty pic…probably not what he was going for though, but I think that she definitely made her point.
What a great way to say ‘no nudey business until you do the f*cking dishes!!’

2. This one who made a ‘sexy dress’ for her husband…

Again, she’s not exactly lying, is she? But it’s probably not what her partner was hoping for! I still think she looks very sexy in her ‘expert troller’ dress!

3. Always make sure with this one…

Trolling at it’s best! I just personally think that it would be best, if men just didn’t eat at all, they’d be okay, they’d manage…surely?
Because there’s nothing worse than having to clean up after someone else’s dinner, before you can even make your own! Come on, fella’s get your sh*t together!

4. This one who created a milk monster…

Don’t go into the fridge after midnight! It looks far too dangerous! Expert trolling AND an excellent way to stop midnight snacking! Amazing!

5. This wife who put ‘Bad Attitude Buzz’ on the bed and then asked her husband to grab something from the bedroom…

I bet her hubby was wondering just what he’d gone to p*ss Buzz Lightyear off, so much! Wow, dude. I’m sorry. (I wonder if he gives ‘Woody’ that kind of sass!?)

6. This wife who put a shed tarantula skin amongst the bananas so she could scare her husband…

Legend has it, he died of a spider/ heart-related problem!
Maybe this trolling is going a little too far, my heart rate went up to about 2,000bpms, just looking at this!
Remind me to never eat bananas (or any kind of fruit, for that matter!) EVER again!

7. This wife who put this b*tchy banner up for her husband’s birthday…

I think this is actually quite cute…although I suppose that’s only if you use the word ‘b*tch’ as a term of endearment as much as I do.
He is her b*tch now, he should be proud!

8.This wife who gifted this to her husband when he got a vasectomy…

Wow, this is pretty hilarious…and I’m pretty sure that this wife doesn’t do subtlety, in any way, shape or form.

9.This wife who called her husband over to look at what she had done with his shampoo bottle…

Ahhhh, the desperate actions of a bored and immature housewive.
‘To make your favourite poo work better’ is pretty funny though.

10.This wife who tried telling some pizza place that they’re overdoing it with the advertising

Hey! They may have overdone it a bit with the leaflets, but they’ve helped you to save money on a festive wreath! Even the colours are very Christmassy! I think I’m stealing this idea, finally a good use for those food-based flyers!

11.This husband who didn’t even know what hit him…

This is brilliant! I wonder how many people actually did it!? & I bet it would have been even better, if he just went along with people and pretended to know them. Although, he probably went and checked himself into the crazy house by the end of the day.

12. This wife who created this for her husband before going out of town for a few months…

This girl knows where it’s at! She knows that’s all a man really needs. I bet he didn’t even notice that she’d gone!

13. This wife who told her husband she was “watching TV”…

Very funny (in a Dad joke kinda way) However, someone should tell them that they actually need to take that out of the box first…or maybe they just want to create the illusion of having a TV!? I need answers here, actually…

14. This husband who bet his wife she couldn’t shave his foot while he slept and then woke up like this…

I see your shaved foot wager and up you….one pretty pedicure. Proves you should never bet a woman that she can’t do something…becaue she’ll always go the extra mile, just to prove you wrong.
& I’m honestly jealous of these tootsies!

15.This wife who put this Halloween decoration up without telling her husband…

Ahhhh, another heart-related death for this victim of female trolling…
(This is actually pretty creepy…I would burn the house down and bury the ashes if I saw this in my kitchen…!)

16. This husband who got some monogrammed pyjamas from his wife…

I think it’s either a very ‘affectionate’ nickname….OR
She thinks that’s pretty much all he’s going to do in them anyway…

17. And finally, this wife who made her husband this clever pillow

‘I PIKACHU WHEN YOU’RE NAKED!’ Ahhhh, I get it now, I was thinking it was something to do with poking him when he’s naked, which would probably be a whole other story for a whole other time.

Aw, what a sweet and clever troll she is….!

Hats off to all our troll queens, you’re killing it!

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