18 Adorable Photographs That Prove We Just Do Not Deserve Dogs

18 Adorable Photographs That Prove We Just Do Not Deserve Dogs

18 Adorable Photographs That Prove We Just Do Not Deserve Dogs

It’s no secret that humans, by way of their own nature, are completely flawed. In fact, on the whole, I’d probably go as far to say that in general – the human race is complete trash (Hey, I’m including myself in that too, okay!?).

I mean let’s face it, we get jealous and lose our tempers, we fight and complain and cheat and lie… not always in a major way but hey, it still happens.

One of the worst things humans have a tendency to do above all else, however, is to get so caught up in the idea of what it means to be successful or have a good life… that we forget we need to just stop and remember to be freakin’ happy every once and a while!

Dogs, on the other hand, are pretty much, 100%, undeniably perfect. Okay, so they may pee on the carpet every now and then, scare the mailman and leave us little “presents” to clean up a few times a day… but they’re just so pure and loyal that we tend to give them a free pass on, well, everything. They don’t judge us, or reprimand us, or betray us… they just love us no matter who we are or what we do. And not to mention, if there’s one thing they’re particularly perfect at, it’s living in the moment.

We don’t know what humans did to deserve these precious creatures, but my gosh, am I glad they’re here. These are 18 times dogs were just honestly TOO good for us.

18. Dogs Are Lovers Of All Creatures, Great And Small.

Dogs are some of natures most gentle creatures and have a naturally sweet disposition overall. I mean just look how this teeny tiny snail felt comfortable crawling on top of this giant furry doggo mountain! So adorable.

17. Dogs Will Always Find A Way To Be With You, No Matter What.

I mean half the time I can’t even be bothered to walk 20 blocks to visit my best friends, never mind to go on a quest to try and track down my human! They may be goofy, but they’re smart too. Never underestimate a dog’s loyalty!

16. Dogs Are Down For Pretty Much Everything… As Long As They Get To Do It With Their Favorite Person… You!

Nothing to see here folks, just a very good boy trying his very very best to help his humans out of a sticky situation! 10/10 would pet.

15. Dogs Love You So Much That They Miss You The Instant You Leave.

Aaaaaand I’m crying. This is so so adorable… honestly, the only reason I bought myself a smartphone was so that I could FaceTime my pup whenever I leave the house.

14. Dogs Will Always Choose You Over Literally Anything Else.

There really is no purer, loving bond than that of one between a dog and its human. They really don’t care what it is they’re doing or where they may be going… as long as you’re there by their side they’re happy!

13. Dogs Are Needy But In The Most Adorable Ways.

Dogs are indeed incredible, but most of the time they’re just big furry goofballs… and unapologetically so. They’re always getting themselves in tricky situations, but that’s probably because they trust you enough to know that you’ll always be there to help them out of them!

12. Dogs Are Basically Politer Than Every Single Human.

Ask yourself this; when was the last time you waited patiently in a slow-moving, or in some cases a none moving queue? Yep… just as I thought, never. Yet check out this good boy, who knows that good things come to those who wait! No matter how long it may take…

11. Dogs Know EXACTLY How To Tug On Our Heart Strings, Even If They Don’t Realize It.

I never knew a single picture could well and truly break your heart into a hundred thousand millions tiny pieces until this very moment. This poor pupper looks so incredibly sad that I just want to climb in through the screen and give him a cuddle. I wasn’t kidding when I said dogs miss you the second you leave the house!

10. Even When Dogs Make A Mess, They’re Super Courteous About It… Unlike Most Drunk Humans.

He knows he did wrong, he feels bad about it, he wants to make sure that his human isn’t left to clean it up all on his own. If only people were that considerate every now and then, the world might possibly be in a slightly better state.

9. Dogs Teach Us How To Truly Respect Our Elders.

Just when you think dogs can’t get any more wholesome, you meet their elderly best friend. Now THIS, this is what Best Buddies look like! And I can’t get enough of them.

8. Even Dogs Need A Break Sometimes Too.

Look… whether you have four legs or two, being a new mom is hard work, especially you have more than one rambunctious newborn to look after, as most Doggos moms do. They need to take 5 minutes for themselves too!

7. Dogs Invade Your Personal Space In The BEST Possible Ways. 

Personal space? What is that? Dogs have absolutely no idea… and I hope that never, ever changes.

6. Dogs Will Always Stay By Your Side… Especially When You Need Them The Most.

A poorly little girl and her big floof of a bestie… now tell me if you’ve honestly ever seen a more heartwarming image than this one!?

5. Dogs Know Exactly How Good They Have It With You.


Sure, they may go out for a wander every now an then, maybe they even yearn for a little adventure from time to time, but no matter where they go, they always know they’ll never have it as good anywhere as they do with you!

4. Dogs Know EXACTLY How To Cheer You Up, Always.

Dogs truly teach us the meaning of sentimental value… to you it’s a pine cone, to them it’s the greatest gift they could ever give you, because it’s from them, to you… their favorite person in the whole wide world!

3. Dogs Are Incredibly Patient And Kind.

I know I guessed about dogs and their elderly best friends… but have you ever seen a big doggo interact with a tiny baby!? If someone could figure out how to bottle up that pureness and sell it, they’d be a millionaire.

2. Dogs Are Crafty But In The Cutest Way Possible.

They may bumble around and act like big lovable fools from time to time, but when it comes to getting what they want (AKA treats, snacks and belly rubs), they know exactly how to go about it. Well… they THINK they do, anyway, which is just as adorable… if not more so.

1. Dogs Truly Are The Best Pets Ever.

I mean, yes I know cats are pretty great too and hamsters can be pretty adorable… but you’ll never get the type of companionship, loyalty, and adorableness from another four-legged creature as you do from a dog… don’t you agree!?