18 “Beware Of The Cat” Signs That Are VERY Serious


1.) He WILL kill you

This warning mat is very fitting, that does look like a vicious cat if I’ve ever seen one.

It’s just trying to appear friendly, as soon as you make the mistake of giving this kitty a tummy rub, you’ll be in a lot of trouble.

2.) No drink is safe

Now, this is a cat that clearly enjoys causing complete and utter carnage. Destruction is its middle name. You might want to listen to this sign or YOU will be the one clear up the mess.

3.) The cats the one in charge

Cats are definitely scarier than people. They actually own humans, didn’t you know? No one can be the boss of a cat and this sign proves it!

4.) Don’t let it sit on you!

If you let this highly trained fat guard cat get anywhere near you, its game over. Once it has sat on your lap, there’s no escape. You will either be crushed to death or die of starvation.

5.) Cats are petty

Cat’s will NEVER forget who wronged them. They are also incredibly petty so if they hold a grudge against you, expect to be pushed down the stairs or them to “accidentally” throw up on you.

Trust me, it’s all intentional.

6.) I don’t trust this cat

The dog may carry out the evil plan to take over the world but the cat will DEFINITELY be the one that planned it all. Cats are not to be trusted, especially this one. I don’t like the look on his face…

7.) Brutally honest

This sign definitely doesn’t beat around the bush, it just straight up tells you what this cat is and where it comes from. If you then enter the property, well, don’t say that you weren’t warned. That will explain the constant smell of burning, it’s not just the cat pee.

8.) Keeping society in check

Guard cats are NOT to be messed with. They aren’t soft like regular human guards. They keep society the way it should be and stop the world from descending into chaos.

9.) The cat is a con artist

Yes, he may be friendly but it's for personal gain. He KNOWS he is only allowed outside on a leash so he needs to stop messing about. At least his owner has exposed his lies to prevent disaster.

10.) Size doesn’t matter

You should NEVER judge a book by its cover. This cat may look sweet and innocent but she will beat you up the second you back is turned.

11.) She scared of her own sign

This cat looks terrified of the sign that’s warning people about her. Maybe she is scared that her owners have outed her and the game is up. No more unsuspecting victims!

12.) The cat is the bouncer

If the cat doesn’t approve of you, you might as well just leave now. Cats may be mean sometimes but they guard their families against people like YOU so get out!

13.) What is THAT

I don’t think that I could trust a cat that looks like that either. That is horrifying, what is it WEARING?! Honestly, this picture alone has given me trust issues.

14.) It’s just doing its job

At least this cat takes its job seriously. You don’t want to mess with a guard cat because it will NOT back down. Its job is its pride and joy, as you can tell.

15.) They are like brothers

A band of cats will tear you down without a second glance.

They are like a gang, in order to get past them, you simply have to JOIN them.

16.) What does this mean?

Clearly all black cats are apparently super menacing then. Cats in general just cannot be trusted according to these signs.

17.) That escalated

And I thought this was just another normal “Beware Of The Cat” sign. I foolishly thought that I had seen it all. No, the cat ACTUALLY has a gun and will kill you. This is one I really WILL beware of…

18.) I definitely won’t…

If the cat has teeth like that, I won’t be going anywhere near it! I really hope that isn’t an accurate representation of what that cat actually looks like…

Clearly, cats need to be feared just as much as a ferocious guard dog does, according to these signs anyway. Does your cat have a sign or does it need one? Let us know in the comments!