18 Heartwarming Moments From Family Life That Show What True Love Is


1.) A romantic tradition

Every morning this husband goes outside and places bird food in the shape of a heart so that his wife can wake up to this adorable view every morning. That is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever heard.

2.) Always thinking of his fiancé

Every single time this guy hears a song his fiancé might like at work, he writes it down on a little scrap of paper to give to her when he gets home. This is true love, he is always thinking about her!

3.) A little something for her piggy bank

This 98-year-old grandma loves receiving coins to put in her piggy bank. So, on her 98th birthday, she received some notes and she couldn't wait to put them in her adorable little piggy bank. Her face is quite literally pure joy.

4.) Appreciating what you have

This dad is a police officer who worked in the major crash unit. This photo was taken on Christmas Day right after he had spent the day at a fatal car crash where two children had died. It really makes you look at the photo differently, look at how he is holding and appreciating his child.

5.) Family life and cats

It's very sweet to see how well this bunch get on with one another. From the cats to the kids, they all love spending time together and that's what family is about!

6.) A new member of the family

This newly single mom wanted to have a third member of the family and thought that a kitten would fill that role just fine. On the drive home she knew she had made the right decision, they are best friends already!

7.) Like father like son

They both have the same expression whilst the daughter has taken charge and is looking after the baby. Literally, a perfect photo of family life captured in one pure moment.

8.) The first time hearing her grandma's voice

For Christmas this woman got a recording from 1973, the last year her grandmother was alive before cancer took her life. She wasn't born until 1976 so it was the very first time she got to hear her grandma's voice. You can see how much this meant to her in one single picture.

9.) One of these twins learnt how to wave...

This 6-month-old twin girl learnt how to wave and now it is all she ever does. These are probably the two cutest babies ever to grace the Earth!

10.) Matching lego duo

This little boy was delighted to find that his dad matches his latest new lego figure! This is just a wholesome family moment and I can't!

11.) Newly adopted cats

This little girl said to her mom, “Thank you for adopting these kitties! They are the best!” Such gratitude and love for animals is such a wonderful thing to see in children.

12.) It's the little things that count

This man's wife got home after a 12 hour night shift at the hospital and decided to surprise him by clearing his car of snow. This is incredibly selfless but unfortunately, it wasn't a surprise as he snapped this picture of her!

13.) Keeping the things that matter

This man's grandmother recently passed away and they found this card in her house. He gave her 10 cents for her birthday when he was 2-years-old. She taped it to a card and kept it her entire life! Shows how the little things really do mean a lot.

14.) True love never dies

After her husband passed away, this woman decided to hang up their wedding outfits in this way to remember him by. This is the most heart-warming thing I think I have EVER seen.

15.) The baby has to wear a head-shaping helmet so now the whole family is too

As part of a family, you really are all in it together. So, no one will ever feel left out! Plus the baby will accept their new headwear much better!

16.) A Grandpa and his dog facing the cold

This adorable pair are so inseparable that they even wear matching outfits! I would try to do the same with my cats but they would probably try and murder me...true love!

17.) Recreating a beautiful moment 34 years later

Aww, this father and son shared a very special moment when his son was a baby. Now, they tried to share that special moment again but it's not quite the same! It's the thought that counts.

18.) The cake may not be perfect but what it represents is

This woman's mom baked her cakes for 44 years on her birthdays. Sadly, she passed away so her dad stepped up and tried his best to do her justice. The thought behind this is just so touching.

I don't know about you but right now I just want to hug my entire family! These moments are so heartwarming, do you have any to share? Let me know in the comments!