18 Hilariously British Shop Puns

18 Hilariously British Shop Puns

18 Hilariously British Shop Puns

Us Brits love a good pun – when we find a good one, it can leave us entertained for days, and we make sure to tell it to every single person we know.

So, just to treat you all, here’s a compilation of 18 genius shop puns that will leave you wondering how you didn’t think of it first.


1. Dangerously close to a court case…

Not gonna lie, it took me a while to realise this one…

2. The dark sauce rises…

Quite possibly the coolest sandwich shop ever.

3. I can see it in your eyes…

I can see it in your smile…

4. Childhood ruined.

Think of the children!

5. Can I get an autograph?

Who’d have thought you could be cat-fished by your driving instructor…

6. Honesty is the best policy.

Solid disclaimer.

7. Best beautician car ever.


It’s an improvement¬†from the fake eyelashes on the headlights.

8. Fall from fame

Who’d have thought that’s what she’d be doing with her life nowadays…

9. Favourite film , favourite colour…

Absolute classic, absolute genius.

10. The revival

Safe to say we’ve got pretty high expectations.

11. Sold.

Sandra Bullock is a keen investor.

12. See mom, superheros are real!

This, combined with the money supermarket advert is enough to convince me!

13. This could mean two very different things.

I hope the whole suspicious-looking-vibe is intentional…

14. Are all florists punny geniuses?

I think so.

15. See what you did there.

Kind of reminds me of the classic ‘ICUP’ joke, though.

16. The only thing better than dogs…

Is puns about dogs.

17. His Neighbours days are over, here’s what he’s doing now…

A fine trade.

18. What can’t that woman do?!

Julie Andrews really is an inspiration.