18 People Who Took Being Awkward To A Whole New Level

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But, I personally think being awkward isn't that much of a bad thing, we're all human, we can all be a bit dumb and unthinking sometimes...and those pesky emotions don't usually give us any breathing space to behave ourselves in the right way.

Awkwardness is usually brought on by some kind of anxiety or overwhelming emotion...and to me, that means that yeah, we may lack grace and decorum, but WE CARE.

& Let's be brutally honest here, It can also be damn funny to laugh at OTHER people's awkwardness (yay for it not being us!), let's not forget that side of it either...

So, if you want to feel less mortified about your awkward epic fail moments, then keep reading, you're in for a treat!

1. Get out of my heart...and my school...

Bless. You can't deny this awkward logic, you know what they say, out of sight, out of mind! I don't think she would have found this love note particularly romantic though.

2. Carpet Cleaner Caterers, how may we help?

Ouch! I would have loved to have known what was going through the carpet cleaner guy's minds, though!

'Who the f*ck does this guy think we are!? Some kind of weird, hybrid carpet cleaning catering service?'

Hey! You never know, it may catch on!

3. The Sneeze of Death

I don't know about you guys, but I find this a little sinister...like the kiss of death...but a sneeze.

Mind you, I sneeze so hard sometimes, I expect to die...brain popping times.

4. This is Brian...he's a little special...

This is hilarious! He looks like the weird relative, who no one ever speaks about and you only ever see at random family events...and your parents are always cagey about sharing his personal choices.

5. Swimming Pool Etiquette

Apparently, rule #1 of said etiquette, is to NOT talk about your anal injuries whilst in the pool. Makes sense.

6. What a waffle!

Ah, that's a shame, had it gone the other way, he could have invented a whole new way of making waffles! Instead, he's just pissed off a load of people...worth a try though!

7. Hitler is always a good icebreaker

Because bringing up Mein F├╝hrer, is always a good way to initiate conversation!

But who knows, she might be onto something!

8. Lesbian Lies

This is painful. I also feel sorry for the guy who obviously just wanted to try and make a joke, perhaps to ease the awkwardness. Only for her to up it to a whole new level. Impressive, really.

9. U OK, HUN?

Hey! A little foodie knows what he wants...let him have it.

Although this wouldn't go down well at my digs, I personally think Mayonaise is the work of Satan...maybe his friend's Mum was right to worry about him, after all.

10. You ain't had nothing yet!

Wow. I'm sure that sounded a LOT funnier and LESS groin-grabbingly embarrassing in his head.

11. IT'S NO!!

This has killed me off, so funny! This should be in the dictionary under the definition of; BRAIN FART.

12. Never leave the house, never leave the house, never leave the house...

Sometimes, your awkwardness levels get so high, you contemplate whether you should even be inflicted on society anymore!

13. Ladies Room Limbo

14. Too late

Talk about shutting the door after the horse has run off! Ah well, at least he tried to show some concern, in his own awkward way.


I'm sorry to say, that I have done something very similar to this. The staff of River Island think I'm a looney anyway, so it's no big deal.

Sometimes, once the awkwardness descends on one's brain, it's like a runaway train...it becomes so hard to stop being a dumb sh*t. *sigh*

16. Give that man a balloon!

I REALLY hope that they're married now.


Me, reading this post for the past 20 minutes...


18. Remember that time when...?

Hey! If Rebecca Black can survive the awkwardness that was 'Friday', we can survive a few brain farts and floor swallowing embarrassments....can't we?

What's your most awkward moment!? Don't be shy, join in with the head smashing embarrassment sharing and give us a laugh!


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