18 Toys Every 80's Kid Wanted

18 Toys Every 80’s Kid Wanted

18 Toys Every 80’s Kid Wanted

1. Mr Frosty

It was on your list every single Christmas, whereas in reality, the ice cubes were a pain to smash and the syrups tasted like chemicals – and even though we know this, we still kind of want one.

2. A La Carte Kitchen

You were volunteering to make your whole family delicious plastic meals – how could they refuse?! That would never happen nowadays!

3. Your own Cadburys chocolate dispenser

Again the chocolate was that expensive it would only be re-filled every Christmas anyway!

4. Cabbage patch kids

We, of course, needed every single one of them for our collection.

5. Paul Daniel’s magic set

Our magical dreams were crushed. Why not pay around £20 for a box with cards and a piece of rope in it?!

6. An Etch-A-Sketch

The knock-off’s just weren’t the same as this all-time classic.

7. Barbie’s town house

The lift was just so cool, she really was living the dream life…

8. Panthro from Thundercats

He was always the only one needed to complete the collection. Always.

9. Baby all gone

A.K.A the one that ate the cherries… For some reason it was super satisfying.

10. Mousetrap

All the little bits and bobs were so intriguing for some reason.

11. Thumbelina doll

She was so realistic and life-like, there was something so cool about how she’d move when you pulled the string at the back that you had to have her!

12. A pedal go-kart

You would’ve been the coolest kid on your street if you had one of these bad boys.

13. Bauer roller boots

Why did roller skates stop becoming cool?

14. The big lego sets

Sure, it was expensive, but look at that police car! 100% worth it.

15. A game boy

Or if you had one, all the games that you wanted for it.

Nothing can beat tetris, to this day.

16. Hungry hungry hippos

The friend with this was the host of all play-dates.

17. Screwball scramble

Once again, the friend with this was always the house you’d go to after school.

18. Johnny 7 gun

We understand it now, but back then we didn’t see the harm in owning a giant, life-like army gun to play with!