19 Doctors So Attractive, You’ll Actually WANT To Go To Hospital


1.) He cures disease with his smile

Why do none of my doctors look like this?! I didn’t know people could even look this good in real life. I feel like he would cure all of my life problems with a smile.

2.) That puppy is living her best life

Okay, not only is he God-like attractive but he also loves and cures dogs. This is my perfect man and I want to marry him. No, that’s so creepy AT ALL.

3.) “When I was a child, my favorite super hero was a doctor: my father. Now, I’m proud to wear the same costume.”

Could a man actually get more perfect?! His father is his superhero and he has followed in his footsteps. Saving lives AND stealing hearts.

4.) He wonders why patients keep fainting in his office

This doctor is clearly confused as to why patients keep spontaneously fainting in front of him. Maybe he should stop looking so DAMN attractive then!

5.) I suddenly NEED to go to the hospital…

I have no idea how this doctor finds the time to go to the gym on top of his busy career but he clearly does, look at those arms!

6.) I think I’m hallucinating

Surely, this cannot be real. Doctors like this are just actors or models right?! I really need me a doctor that looks like this.

7.) “We sacrifice our best years in hopes to serve others.”

Well, he definitely looks like he is in his best years, wow! It is true though, doctors work relentlessly to help others and it truly is admirable.

8.) My Christmas wish is this doctor!

Those eyes are literally the most beautiful eyes in the world. Shout out to doctors working 365 days a year, even on Christmas!

9.) I can suddenly no longer breathe

Thankfully, this doctor seems to have an abundance of stethoscopes so the breathing problems he is causing, he can quickly examine people for.

10.) I suddenly can’t walk and need carrying

This doctor clearly has to carry a lot of patients around. I REALLY wouldn’t complain if he had to carry me into the hospital.

11.) Get me an Italian doctor!

This Italian doctor is just pure beauty. I would trust him to look after me after he makes my heart skip a million beats…

12.) In the position to save lives

Not only is this one beautiful doctor, but he has worked so hard to get where he is, as every other doctor has. They save lives on a daily basis and that’s incredibly special.

13.) No, he isn’t a model, he is actually a doctor

Is this picture very posed? Yes. Does that matter? No, he is beautiful. I would wait in line for an appointment with him for HOURS.

14.) Diagnosed with love

This doctor definitely must make all of his patient’s swoon. I would be so nervous around him, he could never get an accurate heart rate reading.

15.) Perfection DOES exist

I think I would visit this doctor’s office AT LEAST once a week. Yes, he might start to hate me but that’s fine, it’s still a strong feeling!

16.) Googles: how to start dating a doctor

I know that I would act like a complete idiot around my doctor if he looked like this. So, I’m kind of glad he doesn’t, I’ve probably saved myself years of embarrassment.

17.) Is he real?

I think this doctor is just a projection, he’s not actually real. No, he is just far more attractive than ANYONE I know.

18.) “The look you give your patients when they say they don’t take any meds at home.”

This beautifully sassy doctor doesn’t believe you and there’s no point lying because he will give you this look and you will immediately break and tell the truth.

19.) It’s not happy unless he’s my Valentines

I will not be satisfied until this doctor becomes my Valentines. He is the perfect man, kind, clever and saves lives. On top of that, he looks like this so…

I don’t know about you but suddenly I desperately need to visit the doctor but I might be disappointed if mine doesn’t look like these guys!