19 Hilarious Netflix Description Glitches That Will Have You WHEEZING

19 Hilarious Netflix Description Glitches That Will Have You WHEEZING

19 Hilarious Netflix Description Glitches That Will Have You WHEEZING

There’s probably about a billion people watching Netflix every second so it’s not all that surprising that there’s been the occasional glitch every now and then. However, sometimes the description glitches for TV shows and movies are just TOO GOOD to be true, it’s hilarious.

Honestly, you will not BELIEVE how good these Netflix descriptions are. I am starting to wonder whether Netflix has done this on purpose just to mess with us…

1.) Pokémon: POW Edition

Wow. This sounds like an extremely hardcore episode of Pokémon! I mean, I guess Pokémon battles count as confrontation?! Wait, it’s based on a true story too! A lot of kids dreams are about to come true…

2.) The Walking Dead featuring Kimmy Schmidt!

This one is just GOLD. I love how that photo has been paired with The Walking Dead description. They look pretty happy about their apocalyptic situation, to be honest…

3.) A lovely Christmas tale

I never knew Minnie and Mickey Mouse had a child and lost it?! I mean, I guess they are rich but a deluxe high-rise, come on! The spirits bit kills me, it’s too funny.

4.) The Rugrats gets dark

Oh dear, this definitely doesn’t sound like child-friendly viewing. The picture as well…society looks pretty mad if you ask me…

5.) Making a policeman

Wow, this is a pretty weird mix of descriptions. I mean, guess Police Academy can be provocative and dark, maybe?

6.) Star Trek: Offensive Irish Edition

Wow, I never knew that Star Trek was based in Ireland?! It’s not exactly hilarious offensive either, it’s kind of false advertising if you ask me.

7.) More than just a Turbo snail

That sounds like one pretty wild snail, this has got me pretty intrigued. Far more interesting than a snail that can travel quickly, which is highly unrealistic anyway.

8.) Jessica Jones and friends

No, this isn’t a dark Marvel thriller. This is a badass adventure including Winnie The Pooh and friends! Sounds pretty wild if you ask me.

9.) E.T. and the prisoners

Um, now this one doesn’t even make any sense. Sounds like a pretty wild movie though! Is E.T. the lady terrorist? Who knows, watch to find out!

10.) Two losers in love AND JOHNNY

The Shining? Loved it! Such an awesome romantic comedy involving a couple of losers in love. Clearly, the love got out of hand though when one of those ‘losers’ tried to murder his family with an axe but okay…

11.) Law & Order: Aliens

What the actual hell?! I guess the cops are the space crew and the aliens are the bad guys? I’m not really sure with this one, either way, Netflix is smashing the descriptions!

12.) Bad Boys in love

Aw, I always wanted Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to FINALLY accept their feelings for one another and fall in love! I hope they make it, super excited to watch this one.

13.) Shrek the demon

Shrek has been possessed by a demon all this time, who knew?! Also, I didn’t know that Donkey and Princess Fiona were still in high school but fair enough.

14.) Tinkerbell seeks revenge

Damn, I didn’t know that Tinkerbell was with a pimp! I’m glad she is seeking revenge though, never let a man walk all over you Tinkerbell!

15.) Taking Tidying Up to a new level

Clearly, Marie has had ENOUGH of the mess and really is escalating her tidying up methods. You might want your home to be looking perfect or you really could be in trouble.

16.) Bob Ross has a secret

Clearly, everything ISN’T beautiful! Bob Ross better figure out the terrifying secret before time runs out! Stay tuned to find out what happens, folks.

17.) How I REALLY Met Your Mother

I really don’t think that the kids want to know THAT story about how their dad met their mom if it’s anything like the picture suggests…

18.) Clifford is a BAD dog

Umm, Clifford, I don’t think that you should be sharing THAT side of your life on a kid’s TV show. Please DO spare us the gory details!

19.) Worst glitch ever

NO ONE should pair inspirational with a picture of Hitler. That is really quite a bad glitch there…

I don’t know about you but I am very disappointed that I have never experienced any of these Netflix glitches. What’s the weirdest and funniest Netflix glitch you have ever seen? Let us know in the comments below!