19 Struggles You Definitely Deal With Daily If You're A Woman

19 Struggles You Definitely Deal With Daily If You’re A Woman

19 Struggles You Definitely Deal With Daily If You’re A Woman

    I know sometimes I may sound like a broken record but I figure it can’t hurt to say this at least one more time… being a woman is HARD. But for once, I’m not talking about “Ahhh society is totally out to get me and I can’t escape this glass ceiling” hard, I’m talking about “Ahhh the wire from my bra is jabbing me in the boob” or “I can’t believe I’ve already broken one of my new acrylic nails” hard, you get me?

    Look, I know it doesn’t sound THAT bad, but every woman can remember a time when her high heels broke at an incredibly inconvenient moment or when she found a ladder in her new hosiery. And as it turns out, apparently females experience around SIX annoying struggles every day. So; ill-fitting lingerie, endless lines for toilets, or painful blisters are only a tiny part of the troubles that they have to deal with. LUCKY US!

    Today I have 19 of them for you, so scroll down and prepare yourselves to relive the complete and utter pain of each and every example. Enjoy!

    1. “The cap fell off of my favorite lipstick while it was in my purse… What followed is my worst nightmare.”

    This image makes me feel both sick and sad all at the same time. So, so much heartache and also, GROSSNESS.

    2. “This is why it’s better to NOT cry after a spray tan.”

    Yeah, this is just a whole freakin’ mood. Usually, you don’t even realize your grave mistake before it’s too late, which just makes the whole thing even worse.

    3. “I have not done anything to deserve this!”

    You have honestly never known TRUE pain until you’ve been repeatedly stabbed in the ribs by one of these babies.

    4. “When the makeup girl at the shop helps you to color match your tinted sunscreen…”

    Well, this is just a rookie mistake. And honestly, I think anybody who says they’re able to “color match” your skin etc is just talking BS and basically just hoping you don’t realize.


    5. “Mascara tears, bitter and black…”

    Mascara is the devils make-up, you literally can’t win with it. You either buy the normal one which will slowly melt off of your face throughout the day or you buy “waterproof” stuff that literally needs paint thinner to get off.

    6. The battle that has no end.

    Every time I get my nails done and try to do mundane tasks like this I think “WHY do I do this to myself WHY?” but then I remember how fierce I feel with them and I think “Nope, nevermind, totally worth it.”


    7. We know that feeling…

    Yeah, you may as well throw that whole thing out cause there ain’t no way you’re getting them all back in that box correctly girl!

    8. My foundation exploded in my bag. The world is so cruel.

    This image just makes me want to WEEP. Especially since I know exactly how much that foundation probably cost. It’s a pain we’ve all had to live through.

    9. Broken heels — broken life.


    The absolute WORST feeling. I remember one time I was out enjoying my life, I had a couple of wines in me and then all of a sudden I just couldn’t keep upright! Thought it was my usual response to a wee tipple but then I realized my damn heel had snapped off!

    10. “When you try to make your hubby a birthday cake from scratch…”

    What is it that they say? Oh right, “It’s the thought that counts”. Yeah… I’m sure your husband probably feels that way too.

    11. You’re lucky to have maybe 20% of your face visible when it’s windy outside.

    20 Struggles That Will Make Every Woman Want to Unite in Despair

    Having thick, luscious locks of hair is all well and good until you step outside and the wind is blowing at what feels like 200mph so you lose the ability of sight.

    12. You were too young.

    When you break a nail, everything happens in slow motion. You see it happening and you know there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop it – but it still doesn’t mean it hurts any less.

    13. Well, at least your forehead will be smooth and soft.

    Let’s face it ladies – we’ve all been burned by Chinese “Miracle” Face Masks from the internet before. Unless this one was actually made for a newborn baby.

    14. When you make a turmeric face mask without doing research:

    The only thing I have to say to this one is; “You played YOURSELF”.

    15. “I accidentally glued my eyelid to my face with eyelash glue.”

    20 Struggles That Will Make Every Woman Want to Unite in Despair

    Okay, yep, this is truly horrifying. I can’t say it’s something I’ve lived through, but it’s definitely something I’m going to actively try to avoid from now on.

    16. “Nope, this is NOT a crime scene. The hair dye just exploded.”

    20 Struggles That Will Make Every Woman Want to Unite in Despair

     Nobody said it was going to be easy to look so effortlessly fabulous, you know? You should see our bathroom after I dye MY hair! May as well just paint everything pink and be done with it.

    17. “Do a peel-off mask, they said. It will be fun, they said.”

    I hope whoever thought of marketing the idea of peeling what feels like SUPERGLUE off of your face dies a slow and painful DEATH.


    18. The difference between expensive and cheap hair dryers on curly hair… can you spot it!?

    20 Struggles That Will Make Every Woman Want to Unite in Despair

    The answer should be no, no you can’t spot it, because there is absolutely no difference whatsoever.

    19. “When you find out that your brand new eyeshadow has somehow exploded and coated everything:”

    It’s like, what does my make up DO in the bag while I’m not watching? HOW do so many of these lids keep popping off? Is there some sort of make-up self destruct button I keep pressing without even realizing!? What is the DEAL?

    Okay ladies, hands up, who has ever felt personally victimized by every single item on this list!? All of us – exactly. And if you haven’t then I completely and utterly SALUTE you. Is there any I’ve missed off, though? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this with all your friends and family too… especially the female kind! AAx