19 Times People Came Up With Genius Solutions To Everyday Problems

19 Times People Came Up With Genius Solutions To Everyday Problems

Where there’s genius, there’s madness – and vice versa. Here are 19 examples of ‘ahead of the curve’ people who were almost too smart for their own good.

1. This makeshift bin was made of nothing but an upturned stool and a bin bag

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This is one of those times where broke college students actually won at life. When you’ve gotta improvise, you’ve gotta improvise!

2. Hole in your sock? No problem!

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Who needs the hassle of buying new ones? It’s a waste of money when you can just do this!

3. Chantal, whose sober self won’t have to face the consequences of her drunk Netflix binges anymore

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Also known as: how to improve your Netflix suggestions in a simple and effective way.

4. While tattoo removal can be costly, this person opted for the cheaper solution

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Sure, it’s less conventional. But it’s funny.

5. This genius came up with an invention to solve the problem of much too hot soup

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You can’t judge: we’re all this impatient at heart.

6. Dressing pets up for Halloween can be quite a dilemma, but not for this owner

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It’s guaranteed to be a purr-fect fit!

7. The improvisation skills have returned – this time, it’s the Christmas edition

Santa, that’s hilarious.

8. You don’t need fancy props to take a good snap of your makeup purchases, as proven by this clever clogs

See? Cats are endlessly useful, even when they’re just lazing around.

9. There’s nothing worse than sitting on a cold toilet seat, but this person will never have that problem again

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Who says socks are just for feet?

10. We have a true American hero in our midst

With a little re-branding, these things would surely be flying off the shelves!

11. Art comes in many shapes and forms, and this graffiti is no excpetion

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Move over, Einstein.

12. This B rating is hidden in plain sight at Astor Row Cafe

The barista is going places – you may as well make the best of things, after all. Look out for lunCh next.

13. The mother who was protective over her snacks in the smartest way possible

Just wait, we’re all gonna be giving this a try.

14. The future of watching videos on your phone is here:

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You don’t need other fancy gadgets to enjoy your fancy gadgets.

15. This kid, who is some kind of philosophical genius

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Surely you can’t be marked down for thinking outside the box.

16. This person needed a pair of tongs, saw their opportunity, and took it

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Simple yet effective.

17. This guy fashioned himself a pair of Lego slippers so that he could avoid the fate we all dread

Keep those feet safe!

18. The family who have a solution of that age old problem when trying to take group photos

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Timers are baffling anyway.

19. This driver and their seemingly innocent license plate – until you catch it in the mirror…

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