20 Adorable Animals Who Are Feeling The Strain Of Pregnancy

20 Adorable Animals Who Are Feeling The Strain Of Pregnancy

20 Adorable Animals Who Are Feeling The Strain Of Pregnancy

I can only imagine how it must feel to have a brand new life growing inside of you!
To be able to spend a whole nine months wondering what you’re new little baby is going to be like, will it be like me? Will it be like Dad? Will it be pretty? (I’ll stop there before this turns into a weird rendition of “Que Sera Sera”!)

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But sod that! It’s also pretty tough and damn hard going too! It’s nine months waddling around, just wishing to be able to put your own shoes and socks again… on and regretting taking for granted the fact that you used you be able to sleep on your stomach….and wear pants that weren’t reinforced with industrial strength elastic!

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Well, don’t worry, because it’s not just us humans that go through all that when we’re ready to give birth, we’ve found 20 adorable animals that are currently ready for the miracle of a new life…and are totally DONE with the whole pregnancy malarky!

And it’s SO sweet!

1. Stop calling me cute, I DON’T FEEL CUTE!!!

Awww, this Mama Hedgehog looks like she’s tried so hard to get her slipper socks on and totally failed, now she’s stuck on her back, out of breath and seriously thinking about her life choices.
& She definitely does not want to be called, CUTE!!! #hedgehogontheedge

2. Just get this thing out of me!

This Mama has spent all day watching the Jungle’s equivalent of Netflix and just wishing to be able to get into the river for a shower and NOT have to sit down. She can no longer get from tree to tree without everything breaking underneath her weight and she’s totally ready to have that baby outta there!

3. Don’t tell me I have to pee, AGAIN! I’ve literally just been to the toilet!

Mrs Guinea is so sick of the constant toilet visits and has resigned herself to the fact she may as well set up home in there! She has also totally had enough of looking like a bloated turnip! Oh well, bloated Turnip or not, Mrs! You look so adorable!

4. I dare you to touch my belly one more time! Go on, try it, buddy!

Mrs Zebra has that ‘gone over the edge of sanity’ look to her! It’s the look that says, “20 people have touched my belly without permission today and not even asked how I am! WHAT ABOUT ME!? What about how I’M feeling!?”

5. I hate EVERYONE.

Miss Kitty has had her fill with the Mom life already, by the looks of that face! She’s already at the stage of blaming everyone else for letting her get pregnant and ruin her figure. No one is ever going near her, EVER AGAIN!!

6. I can’t do this without my sister…

This is just too sweet! Sisters are totally doing it for themselves here…and it looks like Mrs Lion will be in good hands (I mean, paws!) once the babies decide to make their entrance into the big, wild world!

7. I’m just tired…so, so tired

Oh, Mrs Tiger, I feel so sorry for you! Even your poor legs are all swollen. I think we can all agree that she is all of us at the end stage of pregnancy, her back hurts, her legs and feet are like puddings and she can no longer stand up under her own power anymore. Don’t worry, Mrs, it’ll be over soon!

8. Bump Bros

You can tell that these Seahorses are male! Only men would bump their pregnancy bellies together as a sign of affection. I’m thinking that human males would totally make that a thing if they could get pregnant! #bumpbros

9. Am I glowing yet!?

Yes, you are, Mrs! In fact, you’re the definition of the pregnancy glow! I actually think this is stunning, she has five new babies waiting to be hatched! Enjoy them, Mrs! You’re gonna make a great Mom!

10. I may be small, but my belly isn’t…

Awww, bless her! Her bump is nearly bigger than she is! Hang in there, Mrs Fish! It’ll be out soon!

11. Get pregnant they said, it’s lovely, they said!

They said I’d look pretty, Agnes! But I all do now is eat and fart…and I look like I’ve swallowed a bowling ball! Never again, Agnes, never again!

12. Ask me when it’s due one more time and I swear to god…

This poor soul has realised that she can now no longer walk up a few steps without getting out of breath and she’s totally over it. No more climbing trees or chasing your friends, Mrs! Well, for a little while anyway.

13. Do I really need to pee? AGAIN!?

This Mrs has walked all the way up the mountain, only to realise that she needs to pee… AGAIN…
To pee or not to pee is the main part of pregnancy, Mrs, don’t worry, you got this!

14. I’ve ruined my beautiful body for this…!?

Mrs Pig has realised that she may never have a decent waistline, ever again and she just wants to walk around without scratching her belly along the floor as she goes! Bless!

15. Yeah, I can’t get up

Mrs Sloth has now realised that once she’s sat down, that’s it…she’s there for the duration. Someone fetch her some comfort food, stat!

16. When does the glowing start?

This Mrs is having so many babies, she’s lost count! Looks like you’re gonna have your hands full there, girl!

17. What!? I’m eating for two now!

That’s it, Mrs Squirrel, you eat up as much as you want! You deserve it and you look adorable on it, so don’t even worry about carrying it, because it looks great on you!

18. I just want a god damn drink!

Mrs Giraffe has realised that everything becomes mission impossible once you’re pregnant! Things just aren’t simple anymore!

19. It’s no easier for me, let me tell you!

Just because I’m already on the floor doesn’t make it easier, you know! I still actually have to MOVE somehow! #thepregnancyplightofmrssnake

20. No, I’m NOT fat!

I AM NOT FAT, there’s a baby in there for crying out loud! Don’t push it, Karen, I’m not in the mood for your sh*t!