20 Adorable Pics That Prove Maine Coon Cats Are The Funniest Around!


However, there are levels...yes, I'm afraid we have to have some kind of system in place here, or else we'd never know which breed of cat is the floofiest, or the softest, or which one has the best toe beans! & We just can't live without that knowledge in our lives, we just can't.

So, today, we're looking at which breed of cat is the FUNNIEST! Which one has the derpiest and most amusing little personality...and after many, many hours of research (*ahem*looking at cat videos on youtube*ahem*), we have come to a solid conclusion...


Maine Coon Cats are the funniest!

Yes, they sinched it! & Of course, we can't announce such an important thing without providing you with some evidence to brighten up your day!

Enjoy, kids!

1. It's sssabit swindy...

How can something look THIS majestic whilst still having the derpiest look on the planet?! It's almost like he's the most unphotogenic, photogenic cat in the world!

2. A wild surprised Maine Coon appeared...

"Put some pants on, Beryl for crying out loud! You've soiled my eyes and given me nightmares for the rest of eternity!"

I think this adorable little guy has seen his owner naked for the first time!

3. This "Cat" Who Lives Here With Us Is Unlike Any Other We've Ever Had

I love how they've put "cat" in quotation marks like that! It just tells you everything you need to know about this big, floofy guy! 50% Dog 25% Alien 24% Tiger 1% Cat!

4. Maine Coon Problems

Awww, there seems to be some cons to be being to so big, floofy and awesome! Who'd have thought it, eh!?

5. Goal Keeper

Funny, adorable, floofy AND athletic!? Is there anything that Maine Coons can't do!? (Apart from getting up on a stool, that is!?)

6. I Think It Is Safe To Say That My Maine Coon Winston Is Relaxed This Evening

'No, this spot is taken...and this spot...and that spot...all of this is taken, the sofa is mine!'

7. How A Maine Coon Sleeps. Normal Cat Sleeping Included For Reference

Oh, this is hilarious! What they lack in dignity, they make up for in derpery! Who needs decorum when you're hilarious as heck!?

8. I love you all

At first, I thought, maybe this shows how many Maine Coons are 'too much!' & Then I realised that no, you can never have enough! This is just level 1 of cat suffocation and to my knowledge, there are at least another 9 levels to go before you start to worry about your life! #suckitup

9. Tea Time

Ah, tea time with your Maine Coons, when you love a bit of tea with your cat fur! Ahhh...

10. My life right now

Noooooo! Give this kitty an oscar! He's either going through some really tough sh@t right now, or he's giving the performance of a lifetime! Bravo!

11. Ever Heard Of A Furrygator? Well, You Have Now

Oh my god, I almost can't tell the difference! Where would one acquire one of these furrygators!? I have money...?

12. I Forgot My Keys, So I Set My Laptop Down For Two Seconds

"You're not going ANYWHERE, hooman! I don't care that you have to earn money, you've got tummy tickles and can opening duties right here!"

13. Hear Me Rawr

Who could resist sticking their finger into that big yawn!? I'd be worth the risk of losing a finger, to be honest!

14. Magnificent Goofball

Oh, how adorable is this guy!? Couldn't you just stick your nose in that amazing floofness he's got there!? Again, it would be worth the risk of losing an eye or some facial features.

15. Contents Of Package May Have Shifted In Transit

Proof that cats are really liquid and not solid! Oh well, don't worry, I'm sure some stragetic cuddling will sort this big guy out! He'll be as good as mew! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself!)

16. I Was Looking For Him For About Two Hours Like Crazy

"What!? You were looking for me!? Oh well, that's your problem...why are you crying!?"

17. My Maine Coon Andy Thinks He Fits

What are you talking about!? Andy DOES fit! You'd have to be some kind of heartless monster to tell him that he's too fat for his bed! #sodontdoit

 18. Maybe I will go for a swim, maybe I won't

I have heard actually along the cat gossip grapevine, that Maine Coons aren't as averse to water as many other cats are! Which leads us to wonder whether or not they are actually cats and not aliens in disguise!?

19. Blue The Maine Coon In My Fruit Bowl. There’s An Apple In There Somewhere

You don't want to know where the apple is....! *ahem*

20. My Maine Coon. She Is Fairly Small, But Very Long. Go Go Gadget Tail

Original content and all images are sourced from and credited to Bored Panda

Although she may be little, she is but fierce! It looks like she's plotting her next evil plan to have her owner down the stairs...and with her longevity, it shouldn't be too difficult either! Just lay across the top step at 3 am, wait for the owner to go for a pee...and BOOM, life insurance...! #sorted