20 Dogs With Real Life Jobs Who ALL Win Employee Of The Month


You don't think I was going to let you go a whole day without me talking about dogs in some way shape or form, did you!? Because if you did - SHAME ON YOU! You don't know me at all! But also if you did and started panicking a little, never fear! For here I am with your daily dose of Aunty Acid doggy adorableness, and honestly? I think I may have outdone myself this time. 

Okay folks, first, allow me to start with a question; what dogs and humans have in common? Well, we are both pretty smart and full of energy (well... most of us anyway), and a lot of us have similar jobs too... yep, you read that right, jobs!

With just a little bit of training, our four-legged companions can VERY easily learn all sorts of useful tasks that humans do. So... why not employ them? Well, as it turns out, some people already did... and it is INCREDIBLE! So because I love you all so much, I have compiled a glorious list of all those hard-working dogs who are working in a daily job just like us. Don't believe me? Then scroll below to see for yourself!

1. "I Took My Dog To The Vet Today And Met This Guy. The Sign Underneath Is The Best Part"

This is incredible. Honestly, I'd probably buy a pet just so I would have a reason to visit Doug the Dog on a regular basis. 

2. "This Best Boy Helping Children Testify."

What an incredible thing this guy is doing! Not to mention it's an ingenious idea, I never even knew this was a thing but I'm certainly glad that I do now!

3. "My Local Hardware Store Has A Dog That Follows You Around, And Takes Your Items To The Counter For You"

Ah nothing quite like a bit of Animal Labor to put a spring in your step! ...Kidding, obviously. I never knew I'd ever actually want to visit a hardware store, but now I think I may reconsider... what a good boy!

4. "Lifeguard Doggos In Croatia."

*books flight ticket to Croatia IMMEDIATELY for an indefinite amount of time*

5. "My Buddy's Dog Who Is Trained To Dig Up Sea Turtle Nests So They Can Be Safely Incubated And Set Free After The Hatch"

So, so many jobs I had no idea dogs are actually capable of doing. Who knew they could be responsible for keeping baby sea turtled safe!? Not to mention they could look so freakin' COOL doing it!

6. "Jax Is The Official Stamp Licker At The Post Office"

Well, I never knew I needed an official stamp licker in my life but here we are. This is so adorable I want to cry until all the water has left my body. I love you Jax!

7. "Pilot Scares Away All The Birds Who Might Otherwise Come Into Contact With Aircraft At Vancouver Airport"

Look how proud this pooch looks to be as good as he is at his job! Not to mention he looks heckin' cool in his official pilot sunglasses!

8. "This Flower Shop Has A Flower Assistant Who Just Needed To Take A Break In A Bed Of Flowers"

STOP THE WORLD I NEED TO TAKE A BREAK. This is without a doubt, absolutely the purest image my eyes have ever been blessed with viewing. 10/10 would recommend staring at this photograph all day long. 

9. "Good Boy Uuno Works Very Hard As A Video Game Developer"

Okay, it's official, this dog 100% has a cooler job than I do. And you know what? I ain't even made. Just LOOK how happy he looks to be there!

10. "My Truffle Hunter With The 18oz Of White Truffles She Found Today"

That is one powerful snout this pooch has got! He could probably find you enough truffles to last you a whole year in one day. Talk about a good boy!

11. "This Fearsome Police Puppy"

He may only be a pocket-sized pup in training at the minute, but one day this little cutie is going to be big, strong, brave super hero!

12. "The Newest Employee At Our Funeral Home, Luna. The Sleepy Comfort Pup."

Look at this adorable little snoozy pooch, getting in a quick nap so he has more energy to help people feel better during one of the hardest situations of their life. What a little angel!

13. "This Bar I Go To Has A Roof Where The Security Guard Stays In One Spot To Welcome Guests"

I never thought I'd want to mess with a Security Guard before but if given half the chance I would give Stella as many belly rubs and ear scratches as she desired!

14. "This Is Oreo And He's The Greeter At Our Menswear Store"

Okay, so I am 100% completely in love with little Oreo here. I have never seen a more dapper looking doggo in all my days!

15. "This Is Pickle, A Certified Search Dog For BC Search & Rescue. Here He Is Posing Proudly With A Shoe He Found"

There's nothing better than a proud-looking pooch after he knows he's done a good freakin' job! I never thought I'd see such joy in someone after finding a shoe.

16. "Meet Hope! She Gave Kisses And Candy At The Airport On Valentine's Day"

As much as I love this, and as much as I would actually DIE for Hope, I'm glad they don't do anything like this at my local airport... because I would NEVER make my flight.

17. "K9 At Their Training"

Look at these three big fluffy boys, looking so eager and ready to learn how to fight crime and take down bad guys! Hopefully not the mailman, though...

18. "Barney Is An Assistant And All-Round Good Boy At The Post Office In Drumshambo, County Leitrim, Ireland"

Right, that's it, I am 100% starting a petition to make it the law that EVERY post office in the entire world should have at least one designated post office doggo. It would certainly make filling out tax forms a heck of a lot less of a chore. 

19. "Dog Mechanic On The Job"

Why use a boring old tool box when you can hire and adorable little mechanic who will follow you around with all your tools!? It only makes sense!

20. "Biscuit, A Staff Moral Officer"

BISCUIT. BISCUIT! If I saw this little guy out and bout I'd be snatching him up and taking him home with me. Every company should have a staff morale officer as adorable as this little guy!


Well folks, did you enjoy that? Because I know I freakin' did! I only cried like, 18 times though, which is pretty much a record for me.

Do you have any good employed boys in your area? Or know of anyone who does? Even better... do you have PICTURES of these good employed boys!? If so please please please let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with all your friends and family too... let's do our best to spread the adorableness far and wide! AAx