20 Amazing Before And After Wedding Makeup Transformations


1.) Bold and beautiful

This woman's transformation is simply stunning. Her eyes are captivating and I love how the makeup has complimented them so perfectly. Her lipstick choice really brings it all together and she will definitely be taking people's breath away!

2.) Emphasizing her best features

This woman's makeup manages to perfectly compliment her stunning natural features, whilst making her look absolutely flawless and ready to take on her wedding day! I'm loving the lipstick choices!

3.) She is glowing

This woman's smile and a healthy glow is the best makeup look she will ever need! Her makeup just brings the entire look together and no one will be able to take their eyes off the stunning bride.

4.) Traditional Indian bridal makeup

I love the stunning simplicity of this beautiful Indian makeup. It just compliments natural beauty without changing her features, she looks amazing!

5.) Incredible

I absolutely love her makeup! It is so simple and yet she looks absolutely stunning. Sometimes simple really is the best way to go as it is all the more impressive.

6.) Disney princess transformation

It really isn't easy being a princess but this bride has absolutely nailed it! Her skin and lips look absolutely flawless, the makeup compliments her perfectly and she will make the most beautiful bride on her big day.

7.) Lovely bride to be

I absolutely love this stunning woman's look. She looks so natural and instead of covering up, her makeup enhances her natural beauty and her happy glow is just radiating through!

8.) An amazing transformation

This is such an unforgettable transformation, she looks like a real-life princess! I love how they have styled her hair too, she loves absolutely perfect.

9.) Authentic natural beauty

It's always best when someone's makeup really compliments their natural beauty and doesn't alter their features in such a way that they are completely unrecognizable. This simple makeup is perfect and is sure to make a big impact on her special day.

10.) Confidence is key

Makeup can do so much more than just make a woman cover up blemishes, it can give her the gift of confidence too which is so important, especially on her wedding day!

11.) A flawless look

I can't get over how amazingly perfect this woman's skin is! She definitely doesn't need the foundation to cover anything up but the makeup pulls everything together and gives her that clean, flawless bridal look.

12.) Transformed in a blink of an eye

This woman looks like a stunning bridal princess and I can't get enough of it! She looks perfect for her wedding day and I'm sure she will look back on the memories she made fondly.

13.) Strikingly natural

I absolutely LOVE how natural this woman looks even after applying makeup! It's the perfect example of using a tiny bit of makeup to really make those natural features pop and heads turn.

14.) Enhancing natural features

A skilled makeup artist knows exactly how to apply the right makeup to enhance your natural beauty without altering what's already there. She does a fantastic job here!

15.) An incredible change

This makeup artist MUST have magical powers. She transforms women into literally fairytale princesses for their wedding and basically makes every woman's dream come true!

16.) Simple but effective

This woman is absolutely glowing and you can tell that she is very much in love. Her makeup suits her perfectly and will give her that confidence boost to walk down the aisle with excitement!

17.) Soft glam looks incredible

This subtle, glowy makeup look works so well with this woman's appearance. She looks absolutely badass and you can see how happy she is with her look!

18.) Wedding preparation is so special and exciting!

There is nothing much more exciting than getting your hair and makeup all prepared before a wedding! I love how this one is very natural and she hardly looks any different but still looks like a princess.

19.) Perfect compliment to the natural beauty

This woman's face is already incredibly striking and her makeup artist definitely didn't tone that down, she enhanced it and turned her into a princess!

20.) The best day of your life

She is absolutely killing it looking like a fresh-faced princess! These transformations are literally like amazing dreams come true.

What did you do or are planning to do for your big day? Makeup? No makeup? Professional artist or not? Let us know in the comments!