20 Amazing Neighbors Who Took Passive Aggression To Another Freakin' Level


Nightmare neighbors are one of the worst modern horror stories, from untidiness and insensitive noise levels to just the downright strange... like lying down dressed as a hotdog amongst your miniature fruit and veg garden...

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Horticulturists dressed as hotdogs aside (truly a sentence that I never thought I'd be lucky enough to use in context), confronting a neighbor about an issue can be  an uncomfortable experience, especially if they're unreasonable or you just don't know them... which is why a lot of people take to the trusty note approach. Well here are 20 people who turned 'leaving a note' into a passive aggressive extreme sport.

1.) Crop Circles

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Unless this specific neighbor being shamed is an 'A**hole' on an interplanetary scale, then I don't think that you can chalk this one up to aliens.

2.) Hedge Pride

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According to the reddit user who posted this, their hedge rainbow was a response to the fact that their neighbors are biggots... I mean I'm sure this got the message across in the most fantastic way!

3.) My Personal Favourite...

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There is something quite spectacular in the amount of effort put into this one! Must have been a woof read for the owner...

4.) Pick Up Your Poop!

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Ahh, the classic 'I'll throw poop in your mouth' response, a timeless staple of warring neighbors. In fairness though, pick your poop up, it's not difficult, and it makes kids blind... yeah, you want to make kids blind? No? Then pick up your freakin' poop.

5.) Don't leave your printer without a password

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Wireless printers are very useful, but always remember to lock it with a password otherwise anyone can use it... can you imagine if you sent this to the wrong place though, I'd probably end up sending it to the work printer by mistake.

6.) When You Wash Your Car At 60° not 40°

This couple were paying for their car parking space and got sick of people using it just because they didn't have a car...

(Source:  passiveaggressivenotes.com)

I mean... at least it's a car... right? God, I'd love it if it turned out that this was actually how the person who owns it got around the place.

7.) Flipping Them The Bin Lid

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This neighbor wasn't too keen when they were threatened with a fine if they didn't cover where their bins were kept, so they built a little fence.

8.) Too Far?

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But... how are they supposed to back out of the space now that you've smashed their back window?

9.) The Big Game

When one neighbor had had enough of their neighbor's noise and sent that note (above), they probably didn't expect this reply...

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They actually printed off tickets! I just don't know how most of these people have so much time to dedicate to these notes, it's the sort of thing that I'd think, 'that would be hilarious if I actually did it!' and then go back to watching Netflix and laugh to myself about how funny I think I am.

10.) Lead Feet

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They're either annoyed at the noise they make upstairs, or warning everyone of the fact that their nieghbors are actually in the mafia... but of a risky move if so.

11.) Do You Think He's Got A Permit For That Sign?

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Everyone surely has that nosey neighbor, well here is one reddit user's foolproof way to keep the Ned Flanders of this world away... but does he have a permit for putting up a sign about permits though...

12.) I Think He Wants You To Get An Ashtray

(Source: passiveaggressivenotes.com )

I mean, top points for clarity here. There's quite a lot of cigarette butts lying around still though not being used to write angry notes, they could have at least fashioned a 'please' or just a load of exclamation marks, just lazy otherwise.

13.) The Potato Army Has Spoken

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One of the weirdest notes I've ever seen in my entire life. Who sees someone in their parking spot and thinks... 'I've got just the thing for this!' Mad people, that's the people.

14.) This Pants Note

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I wish people wanted to steal my pants, but they're probably not 'cool' enough... actually that was a weird desire, let's move quickly on.

15.) 'Don't Touch Mark's Special Fruit!'

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How many peaches do you think he put this sticker on? Or is it just specifically this one fruit that Mark has earmarked out for himself. What's so special about this peach Mark?! Reveal your succulent secrets to us!

16.) I'd Love To Know The Backstory To This One...

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What I love about this one is that it is so unnecessary, I mean, they weren't looking after the package so there's no reason for them to let them know their package has been stolen, and yet they've managed to use this opportunity to kick the neighbors when they're down. I wouldn't be surprised if Malcolm had hired the 'gypsies', as they are referred to.

Also Malcolm, on a side note, you have absolutely lovely handwriting!

17.) Maybe Lacking On The 'Passive', But Definitely 'Aggressive'

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I can completely understand this though. People who abuse communal washing systems are amongst the worst, up there with the scandalous politicians and people who leave the tops off jars. Also, I love how it's stuck up with a smiley face plaster, really gives the whole effect a little more emotional turmoil.

18.) Yep, More Poop... But This Time, It's Human

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The passive aggressive 'Power Walker' in quote marks really makes this one. I am confused why they didn't say anything though to the person, instead opting to just watch quietly as the person poops on their property and then proceed to clean it up? I'd have been banging on that window before they'd got their pants down!


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This one speaks for itself really. I'd probably be more tempted to leave my side so that the discrepancy between the two got so immense that they had to clean it, that or clean stripes in it! Probably just leave it though.

20.) Passive Aggressive Torture Dungeon Alert

(Source:  Reddit)

This could be the most polite notice on this list. It's truly unsettling that they counted the number of times they heard the phrases that are listed there, and probably a signifier that the person who wrote this note is more mentally deranged than the suspected torturer.


Do you have any tales of nightmare neighbors? Let me know in the comments below - and remember, don't leave potato tribes on people's cars, it's weird. AAx