20 Amazing Tweets That Show Women Supporting Other Women (& It's Beautiful!)

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We need expensive hair extensions, gel nails, high heels and a skinny frame to even be considered as any kind of 'beautiful woman' these days...

So naturally, there's going to be a lot of competition in the female world (thankfully, not with me, because I don't care anymore!) and we're often pitted against each other in every area of life, which of course is bound to breed at least some resentment and jealousy.

But is that how it's really meant to be ladies, when did we forget the whole 'sisters are doing it for themselves' deal?'

Well, thankfully, not all women have forgotten their sisters from another mister's...as these lovely, supportive and amazing tweets prove, these women don't give a flying monkey about your stereotypes (and it's wonderful!)

1. I won't give up on you, honey!

This is the best feeling, just reading this tweet makes me feel so relieved! I think we all know that feeling, don't we ladies? When Aunt Flow has rudely decided to turn up unannounced and demanding room service and we HAVE NO PROTECTION from her! & Then, like an angel beamed down from the heavens, another women magically produces a tampon or sanitary pad, just like that...and your life is saved, hallelujah!

2. I'll be there for yoooooou!

Wow, now that is an amazing woman right there! I actually feel kind of bad now as whenever anyone asks me about my nails, I just tell them 'approximately' where I got them done. Not for any kind of shade reasons, just because I usually can't be bothered to go to that much effort, so well done for not being as lazy as I am, Miss!

3. Age is never a barrier to fun!

This is the most AMAZING, SWEET thing in the entire universe, right now! God bless that girl for just saying it as it is and making that older lady realise that it's important to just live in the moment because it is! Party now, while you're here! Because now is all we've got!

4. All for one and one for all

Hey, why both be bored in a lecture when subtitles exist!? Such a simple yet sweet thing to do! Always be kind, ladies!

5. I got your back!

Wow, this is some pretty hard dedication to helping a sister out. I'm not quite sure I'd go to these lengths myself, just to meddle in someone else's relationship, especially someone I don't even know that well and just know from Twitter. But hey! She must be a better woman than me!

6. My hero!

Wow, this is amazing... and quite scary! God knows what could have happened to this poor girl if she hadn't come to her rescue like that! Always look out for each other ladies, it's always better to be safe than sorry!

7. You saved me! (From total embarrassment!)

How sweet is this, though!? Believe me, I've fell flat on my as* a few times and not only have you now got the pain in your as* to deal with (and this time, I don't mean your boyfriend!) but you have that strange kind of immense humiliation, that you only get with doing a tumble. So, right on, sisters! You did a great thing!

8. This is some scary sh*t!

I'm actually astounded at these ones, where a woman's safety is so compromised and they've probably only been saved from god knows what fate, by another woman intervening. So ladies, if you're ever suspicious about a situation, listen to your gut and step in! You never know who you may be helping!

9. Wow, I wish I had friends like this...

Wow, I'm in my early 30's and I've NEVER had friends like this! I have the kind of friends that tell me it's my own stupid as* fault that I'm broke! So yeah, consider yourself extremely lucky, girl! #blessed

10. Light of my life!


11. Lean on me, sister...

One of the worst feelings is not being able to control your emotions when in a public place, so not only are you already upset, but you feel like a right dweeb into the bargain! So, it's always nice in those vulnerable moments to feel that SOMEONE cares, whether it's a stranger or not.

12. Faith in teenagers, restored!

If a gang of teens stopped me, I'd be freaked out that they were going to jump me or something! Maybe that's just me being paranoid (it definitely is!), but it's nice to know that it's not always the case!

13. BFF's 4Ever!

This girl being BFF's with her Grandma and teaching her some bomb as* make up skills is all I'm living for right now! It's so adorable!

14. Where do I meet people like this!?

I'm always up for discounted hair appointments! Have you seen the prices at a salon these days! This girl is an ANGEL.

15. WOW.

I'm blown away and lost for words, to be honest, girl! How do you even part with your favourite scrunchie anyway? Give this girl a medal!

16. You can't mess with girls!

Just don't mess with sisters when they're supporting each other, okay!? Because you won't win!

17. I need this type of girl in my life...

No, I really do! I can't apply lipstick for sh*t, but yet I love wearing it. So, apply within, girlies!

18. So many heroes!

Honestly, it's so nice to see that so many women are looking out for each other's safety like this, I only hope that someone would do the same for me one day if I needed it.

19. Girl power!

This is how you spread body confidence, ladies! Such a small gesture could inspire someone to keep going, even when they don't want to!

20. PINK Pepper Spray!?

Wow, this is probably the most feminist, girls supporting girls thing ever, just this one tweet sums everything up, really, doesn't it!?

Always support each other ladies, because as you've seen, not only is it just important in general to be kind to each other but sometimes, it can literally be a matter of life and death! #girlssupportinggirlsforever

All Tweets and images sourced from Did You Know? 

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