The 20 Most Desirable Wedding Dresses Have Been Revealed


A wedding takes a lot of organisation, there's making sure the seating plan doesn't offend any of the guests, the food, the drink, deciding on the best man...the list is endless!

But it's always the wedding dress that gets the most attention, isn't it? In fact, it's probably the one thing that takes the most planning and decision making & to make the pressure on you even worse, not everyone has the budget for an expensive wedding dress, nor do all woman want too much of the 'wow factor!'

Yes, even with wedding dresses, sometimes...less is more! So, if you're looking for some modest, yet still gorgeous wedding gown ideas...or just want to fawn over some subtle, pretty dresses for a few minutes, then keep reading, you're in for a treat!

1. Lace A-Line Gown by Mon Cheri


2. Harper Dress by A Dressy Occasion

How's this for a real life fairytale!? Modest, with an excellent design that has somehow managed not to make her look like a toilet roll holder! & The lace around the edging is a beautiful touch!

3. Lace Bodice Gown by The Perfect Dress

This dress almost makes me want to get married, which is some feat, I can assure you! I can imagine that this beautiful gown would be perfect if you're having an outside, countryside wedding! Perfect for the hippy bride with flowers in her hair! Stunning!

4. Short Sleeve Flutter Dress by The Bride Shop

This is probably going to sound negative, but believe me when I say that I don't mean it that way, but this is almost ghostly, isn't it!? In a beautiful, ethereal way of course! But I can totally imagine a ghost bride looking like this! It's hauntingly beautiful!

5. Elegant Lace Dress by Sweetheart Bridal

Do you want modest and subtle, yet sexy!? Then I think you'll agree that this is the perfect one to fit those needs!? How elegant and beautiful does this model look?! Fitted yet's beautiful!

6. Sequined A-Line Gown by Mon Cheri

Mon Cheri seems to be nailing the subtle, yet gorgeous look with these amazing dresses! The detailing on this is beautiful and I love how it stops just before the skirt line, so that's just layers and layers of soft gorgeousness. A lovely touch!

7. Roses Dress by A Dressy Occasion

Doesn't this model look absolutely stunning?! I'm totally getting 1920's film star bride from this and I'm absolutely loving it! It's like something from a daydream!

8. Lace Ballgown by The Perfect Dress

Perfect dress by name, perfect dress by nature! & Certainly the perfect dress for the this dreamy, romantic scene! *sigh*

9. Belted Long Sleeve Dress by The Bride Shop

I know it seems like such a small detail, but giving the bride the option of not having to show off her arms can be a big thing for some women. This dress covers you up, but still makes you feel beautiful and I think it's amazing!

10. Half Sleeve Dress by Sweetheart Bridal

As previously mentioned, not all women want their body on show, especially on their wedding day, so subtle details like this are important sometimes. I also feel that this gown would be the perfect option for an outside wedding, it covers you up, but not too much!

11. Full Lace Gown by Mon Cheri

Mon Cheri is at it with the gorgeousness yet again! Just look at the beautiful detailing on this dress! That layering is a dream!

12. Giovanna Dress by A Dressy Occasion


13. Beaded V-Neck Gown by The Perfect Dress

I think I have fallen in love with this dress! The detailing is beautiful and so subtle, I'm getting a 1940's vibe, so it's perfect if you want to go for the vintage look, well, it's perfect anyway in my opinion!

14. Royal Dress by The Bride Shop

Talk about living up to your name! This stunning gown is bound to make any bride feel like royalty on her special day! It may not have a train as long as Princess Diana's, but it's still just as beautiful!

15. Diamond Dress by Sweetheart Bridal

Figure-hugging yet modest, this beautiful dress has got everything going for it! It's perfect for showing off your figure and feeling like a million dollars on the most important day of your life!

16. Tiered Skirt Gown by Mon Cheri

Hmmm, I know we haven't reached the end yet, but think I may have my favourite dress so far! From the super cute short sleeves to the stunning layered skirt, there's nothing to hate and everything to love about this gorgeous gown!

17. Andromeda Dress by A Dressy Occasion

Wow, if you want to go for the Maid Marion vibe then this is the dress for you! Am I right!? It's garanteed to make you look (and feel) absolutely stunning!

18. Long Sleeve Lace Gown by The Perfect Dress

If you love lace, then this is the gown for you! Just look at the detailing on the arms, it's absolutely amazing! This bride totally looks like a princess! With her Prince on her arm to boot!

19. Tulle Ballgown by The Bride Shop

Is anyone else getting Cinderella vibes off this wonderful wedding gown!? Look at that skirt, there's so many layers that you could literally get lost in them!

20. Geometric Gown by Sweetheart Bridal

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I think this design wins the prize for being the most subtle, yet wowing at the same time! Imagine wearing this for an outdoor wedding and letting the light catch that stunning patterning!? Gorgeous!