20 Animals Who Could Teach Us All A Thing Or Two About Keeping Calm And Chilling Out


Certain animals have an innate ability to be so chill that it hurts to look at them: I'm talking about the likes of sloths, koalas, bears after a large meal, and certain lizards, like this one for instance...

Humans, on the other hand, are tightly wound balls of stress due to the problems of traffic, work, people knocking on your door to sell you stuff, and almost every time the phone rings... yeah I still use the landline, what of it?

Well anyway, here are 20 animals so chilled-out they'll be having their urine checked by their bosses to make sure they're still safe to work. Hopefully, this provides you a bastion of calm in the chaotic world we live in...


1.) It's Otters Holding Hands... I Mean, What More Do You Need?

Otters will typically hold hands when they sleep on the water so that they don't drift away from their families... yeah, you're welcome for that.

2.) This Seal Doesn't Give A D*mn

(Source:  artfido.com)

This seal leaped onto this 'unfortunate' person's boat and just made itself right at home with that goofy grin. This seal is the friend who's only popping in for a sec and never leaves.

3.) Just Me Floating Away From My Problems

They should show this video every now and again on the motorway when there's a traffic jam. Hopefully, it would stop people's blood vessels popping like fireworks from gripping the steering wheel too hard.

4.) This Hard As Nails Goat

(Source: Bored Panda )

Leaked footage of me trying to leave the house of a morning trying not to wake anyone up. Seriously though, this goat has some moxy... or it's blind, I hope its the moxy one though, dear God I hope it's moxy!

5.) Toad Of Toad Hall

(Source: thethings.com )

Okay, it's a frog but whatever, who made you David Attenborough?! This picture is straight out of Kenneth Grahame's imagination, if Kenneth Grahame wrote stoner flicks instead of beloved tales of anthropomorphized 20th Century Pastoral England... Yeah, someone wrote a book report on Wind In The Willows.

6.) This Pygmy Marmoset Living The Life

Now this is an animal that's never had to fill in a single tax return in its life. You do you pygmy marmoset, you do you and never stop.

7.) 'Excuse Me, You're Feet Are On My Face...'

(Source:  Boredpanda)

If you've ever been anywhere near a beach with any form of food, then you'll know that seagulls have no conception of personal space, or table manners, or anything for that matter.

8.) *Incoherently Rude Gobble Gobbles*

(Source: Boredpanda )

That turkey clearly takes the rules of the road very carefully, probably why he's stopped in front of that 'stop' sign for five minutes. Truly, we live in the future, a world where turkeys can not only read but understand the complex web of dangers that road safety poses.

9.) Oh Deer... 

(Source:  artfido)

So, did they have a bed already set up for a deer, or did they just leave a deflated bean bag there and a deer found it's way on it? Either way, I hope it doesn't overstay its w-elk-ome *chuckles to self about joke for five hours straight and then repeats joke to friends later to surprising lack of enthusiasm.

10.) 'I'm Here For Moral Support'

(Source: bored panda )

That is definitely not how you hold someone's hair back. I think that this cat looks even more chilled out due to how un-chilled the person vomiting looks... although, who vomits in a chilled out way?

11.) How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

(Source:  Instagram @chilwildlife)

Wow, just realized how old that song reference is, but anyway, look at how adorable this puppy is curled up in a shopping cart, don't be distracted by my dated references...

12.) Move Over Jesus, There's A New Cat In Town

(Source: artfido )

Cats just have no respect for religious iconography, but they are freakin' cute as heck though! I also love the profoundly annoyed expression on the little plastic Jesus!

13.) This Sloth Playing With Flowers

This perfectly encapsulates the expression 'stop and smell the flowers', but this is better because it's a baby sloth wrapped in a blanket offering you the flowers, yeah, tell me about it.

14.) Zen Dog

Perhaps this dog suffered a horrific trauma in its past involving bubbles and it's finally trying to overcome its fears, or it's just so chilled out that it has transcended to a spiritual plane?

15.) Double Chill

(Source: photobucket )

These two sleeping baby bunnies are so freakin' cute I can't cope. Maybe someone should check they're not dead though... arghh who could wake them though!?

16.) Bath Time

Somebody get that hedgehog a bath bomb, and some scented candles stat!

17.) The Literal Snooze Button...

Behold, the physical form of the snooze button, it truly is every bit as relaxing as you expected it to be... and then some.

18.) The Sock Thief

(Source: Instagram @chillwildlife )

Ever wondered why you can only ever find one sock? That's because this little fella is stealing them all and using them as sleeping bags. There, now when you're next swearing at your sock drawer, think of this kitten asleep in your missing sock and hopefully you'll be more comfortable settling for odd socks.

19.) Goats Don't Give A D*mn

(Source: jonnovstheinternet )

If you thought that the goat walking through a nest of crocodiles was hard enough, then behold the goat that doesn't care that you're not meant to climb on the rocks... yeah, don't let the world's rules and regulations get you down, sometimes it's worth it to climb on the rocks.

20.) Like Ducks Off A Duck's Back

(Source:  Boredpanda)

This is how I feel when I jump in a friend's Uber... See, there's a cool reference from this century! Take that society!


So there were 20 life lessons on being more relaxed from animals who just didn't give a d*mn about the stresses of the world. Hopefully, it inspired you to get out the incense, play some Grateful Dead and lie in a hammock! AAx