20 Animals With Down's Syndrome Who Are Utterly Beautiful!


So, I'm sure most of you will know that us humans aren't the only ones who can suffer from Down's Syndrome, animals can too! & All sorts of species can be affected by it.

But of course, as in humans, this doesn't stop them from living their best life...or from being utterly gorgeous!

So, in honour of these beautiful creatures, we thought we'd bring you 20 animals who aren't letting their Down's Syndrome get them down (no pun intended!)

& They're guaranteed to melt your heart!

1. So sweet!

Aw, I didn't expect my heart to get broken into a thousand pieces so early on into this...but look at her beautiful blue eyes! I just wouldn't be able to say no to that gorgeous face!

2. He's still fierce!

I don't care what you say, but his derpy face is still intimidating and he's totally rockin' the King of the Jungle look! Even though I'd love to cuddle him, I still wouldn't mess with him, look at those menacing eyes!

3. Cute Koala

Those eyes can't be real, surely!? They're absolutely stunning! What a beautiful little guy! I'm sure this one would totally let me hug him! I'm on a mission to hug all of these animals, can't you tell!?

4. Curious Orangutan

He still looks just as curious and beautiful as his brothers and sisters! He's so precious and I see an old, wise soul in those eyes...

5. Gorgeous Giraffe

The only way Down's Syndrome is affecting this gorgeous George is by making him extra cute! What a unique, beautiful creature.

6. Horsin' Around

Well, we can already see that this guy has no trouble making friends! What a cute BFF pairing they make as well! I'm so happy that this gorgeous guy has a loving forever home, he totally deserves it!

7. Terrifying Tiger

Why haven't they made stuffed toys of this guy, yet!? I bet they'd sell like hotcakes! I'd definitely buy one! This is Kenny the White Tiger and his beautiful face has taken the internet by storm!

8. Sleepy Sloth

I just love this little guy's smile...and it looks like his Mum has been cutting his hair for him! Bless!

9. Shy Sheep

“Down syndrome occurs when an individual has a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21.”

What a gorgeous girl! So floofly and cute!

10. Brave Bear

This Grizzly with Down's Syndrome is certainly a rare sight and he definitely has a rare charm and beauty about him! But no less ferocious!

11. Beautiful Baby Elephant

What a lovely sight! A new baby Elephant learning to find his feet despite any differences he may have to the others! A beautiful miracle!

12. Adorable Donkey

Donkeys are one of my favourite animals because they're always so laid back and yet full of character! Not to mention, completely loving and trusting...and this little guy certainly doesn't look like he's an exception!

13. Giggly Gorilla

Oh, look at this happy, smiley face! He looks like a happy old man! & I wonder what is making him smile so much!?

14. Down Syndrome Doggo

Even our canine companions can have the genetic variation of Down's Syndrome. This beautiful dog has big, beautiful and sad eyes, but they are still full of love. & No matter what is unique about a dog, he will always be man’s best friend.

DOWN'S SYNDROME FACT: Although many animals have a different number of chromosomes in their nuclei, an extra full or partial chromosome can have an effect that is similar to its effect in humans. Animals can have a range of degrees of Down syndrome – just like humans.

15. Cute Kitty

I'd snap her up for adoption in a heartbeat if I could, look at her soft, loving, beautiful eyes! She's everything you could want in a furbaby!

16. Livid Lioness

She may have Down's Syndrome, but she still looks a force NOT to be messed with! I'm just sad that most of these animals would probably rip my head off if I went to hug them. It's not fair, damnit!

17. Grabbing a Bite

This baby koala is the sweetest thing ever. & Just look at her teeny hands! Her tiny paws barely fit over the leaf she is eating! I think this just might the most adorable dinner moment that has ever been captured!

18. Lovely Llama

This photo is amazing! Look at the other guy photobombing as well! They're always so full of character and personality! What a magnificent fellow this guy is!

19. Cool Cow

She's totally loving that camera, isn't she!? I hope it's because she knows how totally gorgeous she is!

20. Just lounging around

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I bet her owner's love her so much! How could you not!? She looks so happy and peaceful, not a care in the world! We love you, kitty!