15 Annoying Things We Do That Our Dogs Actually Hate


1.) Constant hugging

Scientific research surprisingly revealed that 81.6% of dogs tested showed signs of stress and anxiety when hugged by humans. Sadly, only 7.6% of the dogs actually enjoyed the hug and 10.8% of the dogs had a neutral response. Some signs that your dog really isn't enjoying your hug include flattened ears, sad eyes with whites showing and head turned away from you.

So, before hugging your dog next time, it's important to judge his reaction to make sure that he isn't just putting up with something he hates!

2.) Patting your dog's head

Dogs actually interpret anything from above them as a threat, including patting them on the head! So, next time, if your dog is stepping away or turning her head to avoid you touching them, you need to stop. Your dog isn't comfortable with it and you definitely shouldn't continue.

3.) Rushing your dog walk

A dog sees a walk as not only bathroom time but also a way to discover the big exciting world and socialize with other dogs and people. Yes, dogs need a social life too! So, let them enjoy their fresh air and adventure on the walk, never rush to get home as soon as they have done their business.

4.) Not training them

Just like humans, dogs need rules to avoid descending into chaos. Dogs need the training to avoid becoming a spoiled and lazy creature who poops on your favourite pair of shoes. Not only will training stop your dog from being a nuisance but it'll also make the bond with your pup much stronger!

5.) Yelling at your dog when it misbehaves

Yes, it is the most frustrating thing ever when your dog pees on the new carpet or makes a huge mess of the house. However, when you use a loud voice, your dog confuses training with punishment and won't learn a thing. Try talking to them in a stern voice and avoiding affection for a few hours to teach them a lesson instead.

6.) Dressing up your dog

Yes, when it's cold out, by all means, dress up your dog in something warm to keep them from getting ill. However, don't buy clothes just because your dog looks cute in them or it's funny. Your dog won't enjoy the experience and they can get stuck or overheat. Never dress up your animal for entertainment, they aren't a toy!

7.) Scaring your dog with loud noises

Dogs have a real problem with fear and if they don't get used to loud noises from a young age, it can lead to psychological traumas. Never intentionally scare your dog with loud noises and make sure that they are familiar with the sound of a microwave, toaster, fireworks or the vacuum cleaner. If your pet does get scared by a sound, distract them with treats and play.

8.) Forcing your pet to play with people he doesn't like

you may think that your friends are the best people in the world but your dog might not feel the same way (which is cause to question your friends in my opinion...) If this is the case, never force your dog to play with them or put up with petting. Pay attention to your dog's reaction when new people are around, if he tries to get away from them, let him!

9.) Teasing your dog

You should never tease your dog for fun as you will eventually lose its trust in the long run. Whether it's pretending to give it a treat and giving it nothing or pulling its tail, your dog will lose trust in you. I mean, if you offered me food and never actually gave me any, you would turn into my enemy so don't do it to your dogs!

10.) Surrounding your dog with strong smells

A dog can tell the difference between and remember 1 million scents! Unfortunately, some strong smells can trigger the deterioration of the sense of smell or cause nervous system dysfunction. So, if you are cleaning your house or dealing with harsh scents, try to keep your dog away.

11.) Not using our body language

Dogs are amazing at reading thoughts and feelings before we even express them thanks to our body language. The best method of communicating with your dog is through body language so coordinate your words with your body language! Your dog will appreciate it and you will understand one another much better.

12.) Not having a schedule

Dogs need structure in order to know when to play, sleep, eat and just relax. If you have a daily schedule in place, your dog will be much more well-behaved as she will know when she can throw her toys around and when she needs to sleep. As we now know, dogs need rules!

13.) Long periods of eye contact

You should never stare into your dog's eyes for too long as dogs can read it as an aggressive gesture and may confront you. Not only will you confuse your dog but also offend them, definitely never have long eye contact with strange dogs either, then you are just asking for trouble!

14.) Keeping them on a tight leash

If you keep a tight leash on your dog when you go out for walks this will convey feelings of stress, tension, alertness and frustration. This will make your dog dislike walks and act up accordingly. Keep your dog on a loose leash to make the experience much more enjoyable for you both.

15.) Being home alone

We know that this scenario is virtually unavoidable for dog owners but leaving your dog home alone is a devastating situation for them. Dogs need their owner around them 24/7 in order to feel safe, happy and entertained. When left alone for long periods of time they can become stressed and depressed. Don't get a dog if you cannot give them the attention they need.

I'm sure many of us have been doing a lot of these things to our dogs for years and now we feel like terrible human beings. It's okay, there's still time to change and get to know our dogs better!

Do you do any of these annoying things? Let us know in the comments.