15 Annoying Things We Do That Our Dogs Actually Hate

15 Annoying Things We Do That Our Dogs Actually Hate

15 Annoying Things We Do That Our Dogs Actually Hate

    I think that we can all admit that dogs are probably the cutest things ever. They are a friend for life and just so fluffy! However, there are things that every single dog owner does that their dog actually hates…

    Thankfully, scientists have proven what doesn’t make our pets feel comfortable or happy, so we can hold back on this behaviour in order to stop upsetting our best dog friends!

    Our dogs tolerate this behaviour because they love us but they should have to tolerate stuff, we just need to stop being so annoying! Here’s what dogs actually don’t enjoy…

    1.) Constant hugging


    Scientific research surprisingly revealed that 81.6% of dogs tested showed signs of stress and anxiety when hugged by humans. Sadly, only 7.6% of the dogs actually enjoyed the hug and 10.8% of the dogs had a neutral response. Some signs that your dog really isn’t enjoying your hug include flattened ears, sad eyes with whites showing and head turned away from you.

    So, before hugging your dog next time, it’s important to judge his reaction to make sure that he isn’t just putting up with something he hates!

    2.) Patting your dog’s head

    The Sun

    Dogs actually interpret anything from above them as a threat, including patting them on the head! So, next time, if your dog is stepping away or turning her head to avoid you touching them, you need to stop. Your dog isn’t comfortable with it and you definitely shouldn’t continue.