20 Kick Ass Facts About Jackie Chan That Every Fan Needs To Know


Jackie Chan recently turned 65! So we're celebrating the legend as he deserves to be celebrated! We all think we know and love Jackie Chan but most of us don't know some of the craziest facts about him...

Jackie Chan has definitely been an icon for many of us and his talents know no bounds, from Rush Hour to Karate Kid, he is a household name for many of us.

However, if you think you know Jackie Chan, you might want to read a few of these facts...they certainly shocked me!

1.) No company insures him

No company has actually agreed to insure Jackie Chan so he pays for both himself and his stunt team. He must be very humble to agree to pay this himself which is why we love him!

2.) His son won't inherit Jackie Chan's huge fortune

Jackie Chan has amassed over $130 million during his incredibly successful career. However, he won't be giving his son a penny! Jackie once said, "If he is capable, he can make his own money. If he is not, then he will just be wasting my money.” This is a great attitude and will teach his son to actually work for his money!

3.) How did he get his name?

Jackie Chan got his iconic name of Jackie when working as a construction worker in Australia. His real name is actually Chan Kong-sang.

4.) Jackie Chan is actually an awesome singer

Jackie Chan is actually a classically trained vocalist! He has released more than 20 albums in over five languages...yeah, I had no idea either! He has even provided the theme tunes for many of his earlier films. He even covered Adele in the Skiptrace movie...

5.) Jackie Chan used to carry weapons with him

Jackie Chan carried multiple guns and even a grenade to protect himself during the Triad that took place in the 1980s and 90s. I guess if you were going to trust anyone with a grenade it would be him??

6.) Jackie Chan is a perfectionist

Jackie Chan definitely doesn't take his job lightly, it once took him 2900 takes for one particularly intricate scene in the Dragon Lord movie. I cannot imagine filming the same take 2900 times...

7.) Jackie Chan was once a bouncer

Jackie Chan was once a nightclub bouncer who got in a fight and for two days afterwards had to keep trying to push his bone back into his fist. It took him a while to figure out that it wasn't actually, in fact, his bone but the other guy's tooth...remind me never to get into a fight with Jackie Chan!

8.) Jackie Chan doesn't like the Rush Hour series!

Jackie Chan admitted that he doesn't actually like the Rush Hour movies as he thinks the action scenes are bad and doesn't understand American humor. He agreed to make the sequel because he was apparently offered an "irresistible" amount of money, I don't think any of us can blame him!

9.) Jackie Chan had one of his movies canceled

Jackie Chan was in a movie called Nosebleed which was about a window washer who stopped a terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre. It had to be canceled because the attacks went on to happen in the real world, this is incredibly sad and chilling.

10.) Jackie Chan is a record holder!

Jackie Chan holds the Guinness World Record for “Most Stunts by a Living Actor”. That's pretty awesome and I can see why Jackie Chan is so badass!

11.) Jackie Chan didn't provide the voice of his character in cartoons

Jackie Chan didn't actually do the voice acting for his cartoons, although the character of Jackie Chan’s niece was voiced by Stacie Chan, his real niece!

12.) Jackie Chan spent 12 months in the womb...

According to his mother, Jackie Chan spent 12 months in the womb so she gave him the nickname "Cannonball". Honestly, I feel sorry for his mother, 12 months?!

13.) Jackie Chan communicates during fight scenes with grunts

Jackie Chan has his own stunt fighters that communicate while "attacking" him with grunts. The level of trust and understanding they must all have is crazy!

14.) Jackie Chan actually jumped out of a plane

Jackie Chan actually jumped out of a plane and landed on a hot air balloon when filming the movie, Armour of God. I really don't understand how he could willingly do this...

15.) Jackie Chan began his career as a stuntman

Jackie Chan initially began his career as a stuntman for Bruce Lee films, Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon! Everyone has to start somewhere and Jackie Chan is pretty awesome at stunts...

16.) Jackie Chan had interesting parents...

Jackie Chan's mother was an opium smuggler whilst his father was a spy! Pretty interesting career paths to say the least...I wonder if they inspired Jackie Chan's choice of acting?

17.) Jackie Chan can train fish...

Out of all of the animals in the world, Jackie Chan decided to train a fish! He has taught a catfish tricks in both Mandarin and English...that must require a lot of patience.

18.) Jackie Chan has another Guinness World Record

Jackie Chan also has a Guinness World Record for the movie Chinese Zodiac for “Most Credits in One Movie”. He has a total of 15 credits in that movie and I don't even know how that's possible!

19.) Jackie Chan has permanent injuries from movies

Jackie Chan certainly has endured his fair share of injuries during filming. His most severe injury was sustained when filming the Armour of God. The injury has resulted in a permanent plastic plug in his skull!

20.) Jackie Chan loves the Chinese communist party

Jackie Chan is a loyal supporter of the Chinese communist party. He has said that Taiwanese democracy is “the biggest joke in the world,” and believes that Chinese citizens should be controlled through censorship “otherwise they’ll do whatever they want.” I'm not too sure many people will agree with him on this one...

So, there you have it, Jackie Chan has some pretty surprising facts he has kept quiet throughout the years. All I know is that he is a legend and we wish him a very happy birthday! Which fact surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments! AAx