20 Brutally Honest Slogans For Famous Brands That Are Just Too True


We all associate the most famous brands with certain things, whether it's good or bad, everyone kind of assumes the same thing about a brand but never actually says anything...

Well, now graphic designer Clif Dickens is saying what we are all thinking about our favorite brands. He has made brutally honest but hilarious slogans about the most famous brands out there that definitely ring very true.

The sarcasm is so real that I feel it on a spiritual level. Get ready to change the way you think about your favorite brands...

1.) Victoria's Secret

This actually couldn't be truer. I don't think I know any woman who hasn't sat and watched the Victoria's Secret fashion show, eating ice cream and crying about how they will NEVER look like those otherworldly models! Thankfully, those models literally live and breathe diet and exercise so who would really want to live that life? Not me, I love ice cream too much!

2.) Maybelline

Wow, this one is very accurate. Yeah, sure their makeup is nice but it certainly won't make you look like the heavily photoshopped models. Thankfully, even the models don't actually look like that either...

3.) Netflix

Netflix is actually the bane of my life. I will spend a good hour or so browsing the latest shows and watching the trailers before actually deciding on something (usually the thing I've seen seven times over). These slogans are just too accurate!

4.) McDonald's

Let's be honest, people only go to McDonald's when they are hungry and need something cheap and quick to eat. Don't get me wrong, it is delicious but it is the cheap option when you need it.

5.) Nike

This is quite literally what the Nike slogan is trying to tell us, just buy the damn thing! I wish companies would just be more honest like this...

6.) Old Spice

I must admit, this one really did tickle my funny bone. Why do all grandpa's seem to wear Old Spice? Maybe it's just something that happens when you get older. Either way, if you buy Old Spice, you are immediately a grandpa.

7.) Instagram

What can I say? Filters make EVERYTHING better. If only I could apply a filter to my husband, that would be pretty nice...

8.) Wikipedia

Wikipedia has provided the answer to many college students questions which is ironic because it's probably one of the least reliable sources of information out there as anyone can change it. Oh well...

9.) LinkedIn

This could be the best one yet. Why do we actually connect with people on LinkedIn? No one ever talks or does anything on there! We just have loads of random connections with people we don't know and pretend that we are "networking".

10.) Monopoly

Monopoly has NEVER been played without a resulting argument breaking out. Everyone seems to lose it when they play Monopoly and that's why my family and I have never played it again since the Great Monopoly War of 2009.

11.) LEGO

LEGO has been ruining the lives of innocent people's feet for many years now. Yet we still buy it for our kids! Why? I will never understand...people need to respect their feet more.

12.) YouTube

This is pretty solid life advice and we should probably all listen to it. YouTube comments are a land full of regret and confusion, just don't bother reading them, they will make you angry.

13.) Louis Vuitton

This couldn't be truer. I don't think that I have EVER actually seen a real one of these bags...do they even exist?!

14.) Toblerone

I didn't even think about this until now...why is Toblerone always sold at airports? It's always the gigantic bars as well as if anyone could actually take that on a plane! I think that there's some kind of conspiracy going on here...

15.) Harley-Davidson

I'm not sure what this one is about...I bought like five Harley-Davidson's when I was 45 and I wasn't having a mid-life crisis...I don't think?

16.) Lay's

This has needed to be said for decades, Lay's have been conning us with flavored air for years, I think it's time we took a stand! There's like one crisp in those packets...

17.) FedEx

This is sadly very true. It's always broken and it's not fair, why can't they just deliver things, like, not broken...

18.) Ikea

I swear Ikea do this just to annoy and stress everyone out. You finish making that wardrobe and there's like a million different parts you haven't used...why, Ikea? WHY?!

19.) Visine

Oops...I think I will just leave this one here...

20.) Google

No thank you, Google is my one and only search engine that no one will ever take away from me. Even though half the time it never even has the answers you need...

I need more of these honest slogans in my life! Which one was your favorite? Got any ideas for other company slogans? Let me know in the comments! AAx