20 Bumper Stickers That Are Surprisingly HILARIOUS!

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Sometimes people's opinions really should just be kept to themselves, just because you believe in it and like a certain thing, doesn't make it right!

However, we thought we'd try and tip the bumper sticker scale a little bit and bring you a parade of 20, that we think are ACTUALLY AMUSING.

& We hope you think so too...!


1. Be Kind To Fat People


2. Give that man a job! (no horrible innuendo intended, I swear!)

I meant, I hope Durex gives this driver a job (in the employee sense) because personally, I don't think that you can't get any better advertising than this!

3. Only the clever clogs are going to get this one...

Well, it might not even be that clever, but then, I was never any good at maths... #ireallydontgetit

4. Two birds, one bumper sticker!

One way of letting people know that you're both BROKE AND MARRIED! (AND give someone a laugh in the process!)

5. Harsh but fair...

This may seem a little blunt, but it's clever, funny...and we've got to admit that it has a valid point!

6. Thank you

The perfect BURN for people who LIKE TO BE ON YOUR AS* WHEN DRIVING!! This does drive me crazy! Get the f**k away from my tailgate, you c*ckwaffle!

7. Ooooer missus!

It may be a little crude, but it still delivered a chuckle! It might not work so well as a new chat up line though.

8. You made me put my glasses on for that!?

You'd feel so p*ssed if you'd got your glasses out to read this, only to see that it's sass, wouldn't you!? Mind you, if you're driving and you need glasses, then you should probably have them on anyway...so, naughty naughty! (I'm trying to promote road safety here, okay!?)

9. I believe in this too!

That's all I want for the world, to be honest. Chickens should never be discriminated against! They should be free to cross as many roads as they like without being accosted!

10. Won't somebody PLEASE think of the...adults!?

Yeah! This is a very valid point! After all, we're all someone's baby, aren't we? Awww...

11. What could be better than kids?

This bumper sticker provides your answer to that question. MONEY is better than kids...MONEY AND SILENCE!!!

12. Nobody cares...

Aw, don't worry stick figure family, I care...well, a bit...

13. There's nothing wrong with tributes

Brilliant play on words here...and I have to say, it's pretty accurate, for example, I've seen some amazing tribute bands, that were just as good as the real thing, but on the other hand, I've also seen some sh*t ones too! But I'm sure this car is fine. *ahem*

14. Aren't we all?

This is BRILLIANT! & Very funny! Aren't we all arseholes sometimes, though? When we think about it? & At least this person knows it and has a sense of humour about it, instead of covering up for their child's sh*tty behaviour all the time. (Maybe I'm over thinking these a bit, do you think!?)

15. If you can't poke fun at yourself...

If you can't have a little harmless banter with others, or with yourself, then life just isn't worth living. I think that should be the TRUE meaning of a bumper sticker, so this one nails it!

16. That didn't go where I expected...

That last bit totally got me, I was not expecting that. Although, as funny as it is, I would NOT want to be the driver of this car, if they ever do get pulled over by the cops! Yipes!

17. This is the way to do it!

I LOVE this one. It's like a bumper sticker, that is parodying a bumper sticker! And as I said before, sometimes bumper stickers are nothing but tools to force your opinion on others, but that's ok if you just keep it simple and slightly amusing...like this one!

18. Condoms do more than just prevent unwanted pregnancies

They also protect against minivans, as well! Who knew!? I think that's something we could all go for! Looks like another job offer from Durex is on the horizon!

19. So sad...

Didn't we all driver guy, didn't we all!? Let's all bow our heads in a moment of prayer for the death of cool.


Not only is this hilarious, but I genuinely hope it catches on, it can't go wrong, let's face it! & It should make the 2020 elections that much easier!

Do you sport a bumper sticker on your car? What does it say!? Is it stupid or funny!?

Fess' up and tell us!

(All images sourced from Awkward.com - unless otherwise credited.)

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