20 Celebrity Prom Pictures That Will Make You Feel SO Much Better About Your Own Prom Pictures


Celebrities: Let's face it, we are OBSESSED with them... even if we don't want to admit it. We want to know what they're doing, what they're wearing, who they're dating, what they do in their spare time... basically, when it comes to our favorite celebs, if they sneeze, we want to know about it. It's kind of a sad fact of life, but a life none the less! And hey, at least we're all ad together. 

But being as obsessed with celebrities as we are, it can be hard to remember that they're only human beings, just like us! I know, I know, it's a wild notion, but it's a true one! They were born like us, they went to school like us and they definitely, DEFINITELY went through an "awkward phase" just like we did (even if it was ever so slightly less awkward than our own).

Something else that most celebrities definitely did, was going to PROM! Yep, PROM. And thankfully, many celebrities' prom photographs have made their way onto the wonderful internet for us all to enjoy together.

So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling and enjoy! 

1. Beyoncé

Well, after we've all sat back and watched our Queen Bey grow up from Destiny's Child into the unstoppable force she is today, seeing her as a teenager isn't too wild. Seeing her in a regular, everyday high school environment - read for her prom - now that is a far cry from seeing he kill it in Coachella.

2. Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel shared this photo himself as a throwback, and we are all INCREDIBLY thankful for it. Not only is his caption hilarious, but he's looking pretty dapper - especially with that glorious teal bowtie.

Sure, he's grown up a lot since then, but we can still see this baby Josh in the man we know today.

3. Taraji P. Henson

Yet another incredible throwback, this time from the ever-so bada*s Hidden Figures star Taraji P. Henson. Her dress couldn't be more '80s even if it tried, especially with those SLEEVES which are truly next level. And that pose? Girrrrrl, she knew she was gonna be big one day. 

4. George Clooney

I know everybody is young once, but thinking of someone as cool and charming as George Clooney going to something as tacky and awkward as a high school prom just absolutely blows my mind. Clearly, he is still just as handsome as he ever freakin' was! A classic Clooney smolder.

5. Lance Bass & Danielle Fishel

It's your lucky day folks, cause I have two for the price of one for you now!

N*SYNC-er Lance Bass and Boy Meets World star Danielle Fishel (who I was OBSESSED with btdubbs) actually went to prom together - and according to what he told Cosmo, it wasn't the best night ever. They were dating at the time, and he said girls were "jealous and catty"  ( classic female behavior) when they showed up to the dance.

"It was terrible," Lance said. "We only stayed for 20 minutes." 

6. Tom Brady

Long, loooooong before he played in the Super Bowl, Tom Brady was just an awkward high school kid going to his prom like the rest of us, and back in 2014 he shared the glorious throwback with us on Facebook to prove it.

7. Gigi Hadid

Okay so I realize that compared to the other celebrities on this list, Gigi Hadid's prom may as well happened yesterday, but it's still cute to see how different things were even a mere 6 years ago. Besides, Gigi looked absolutely gorgeous in her red dress! And it looks like she had a lot of fun.

8. Blake Lively

Of course, today we know Blake Lively as not only an incredible actress but also the wife of the hilarios Ryan Reynold's and fabulous mom of two (soon to be three!). However, here she is as a fresh-faced teenager rocking a bubble gum pink dress to her prom... and wearing an actual TIARA! Also, her dates "hover hands" just makes this photo even better.

9. Gwen Stefani

Gwen shared her prom photo herself, along with the seriously cool story behind it! It's pretty awesome that she and her mom made the dress themselves, which was modeled after Grace Kelly's Rear Window dress. Not to mention, teen Gwen looked fab. She's always been one to pull off all kinds of looks, though.

10. Brad Pitt

We'd know that grin anywhere! Here's Brad Pitt posing with his lucky, lucky date on prom night while wearing what looks like a... shiny gray suit!? And that's a LOT of hair on his head, too, which I am living for. But hey, even back then, he was pretty freakin' good looking! 

11. John Stamos

Universe, have mercy on my soul. Let's face it, John Stamos has always been known for his luscious, luscious locks of hair, and it seems like that dates all the way back to high school. Between his white ruffled shirt, the white suit, and his date's very similar hairstyle and dress, this is all. so. very. '70s style.

Ohhh it takes me back!

12. Matthew McConaughey

Leah Pickett/Splash News

Yeah, I know. I didn't believe for a second that this was Matthew McConaughey in this picture, but it totally, totally is. 

According to Splash News, Matthew's prom photo was taken in 1987 at Longview High School in Texas, and his date was a lucky lil' lady named Lori Klinger. Today, Lori's a yoga instructor in Florida, and we all know where her date ended up. Safe to say that Matthew looks just as charming as he seems today.

13. Jimmy Fallon

I'd just like to take this moment, right here, right now, to let you all know just how absolutely in LOVE I am with Jimmy Fallon (yes, Walt knows and he's okay with it... kinda).

Anyway, Jimmy shared this photo himself to contribute his own awkward prom story, and boy, did he. Somehow, he managed to look like he'd just seen a ghost, all because his date had a tan and he did not. Looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost finally made it to high school!

14. Jennifer Aniston

Even when she is shoulder-deep in the '80s with a hairstyle like this, Jen still manages to look like a total BABE, which is totally UNFAIR. But we still love her though. 

Maybe it's her classy black dress or her trademark grin, but she looks super sweet here. And that's definitely a lucky guy on her arm. I wonder if he uses this photo as bragging rights even now? I TOTALLY would.

15. Ellen DeGeneres

There is just so much going in this throwback that I don't even know where to begin! Of course, it is Ellen herself who is responsible for unleashing this prom photo upon the unsuspecting world, and we are SO grateful for it. 

First of all, the hair - oh, the hair! All we've known of Ellen is her signature short cut, so this is blowing my mind! Alas, that hair just isn't enough to distract us from that plaid dress she's wearing. It's all just SO MUCH. I love it.

16. Natalie Portman

Can we just talk about how Natalie Portman has not aged at all since high school? Do you think her and Paul Rudd drink from the same damn fountain or something? She looks as awesome as ever in her blue dress with her wrap around her arms, either way!

17. Bethenny Frankel

This particular 'Real Housewives' star looks like a straight-up '80s Barbie-girls dream in this dress. As we've seen from the other photos, she was hardly the only one to rock that trend during those years at her prom! And just check out the SIZE of that... corsage! Outstanding effort.

18. Candace Cameron Bure & Scott Weinger

This prom photo is absolutely a Full House fan's dream! As Candace Cameron Bure revealed herself in this throwback post, she and costar Scott Weinger attended the prom together (ahhhhhh!), and we can only imagine how much the other kids at prom must have been freaking out when they showed up as each other's dates. I would lose my MIND!

19. Ashton Kutcher

I think I'd be hard pushed to find anyone who didn't dream of being Ashton Kutcher's prom date when they were younger (heck, I still dream about it now!) and finally we get to see the lucky, lucky lady who actually got to do it!

Obviously, Ashton looked adorable for the big night, with his hair all slicked back for the occasion. And did you spot the balloon backdrop in the school colors?


20. Kim Kardashian

And how could I not end and Awkward Celebrity Prom Pictures article with a picture of Kim Kardashian before she got (most) of the work done to herself?

It's hard to remember that once upon a time "Kimmy K" was just a "regular teenage girl", doing normal things like going to prom... seems like even back then she definitely had a "type", however, if you get what I mean.

One thing is for sure, no matter how awkward looking or completely bizarre these celebrities once looked, they're still as fabulous today as they ever were! And hey, who doesn't love looking back on super awkward teen photographs from out "glory days".

But how about you? Which was your favorite celebrity prom photograph from the list? Or maybe you have one that isn't on the list? Perhaps you have your own crazy awkward prom photos you'd love to share with me? Either way, let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share these glorious images with all your friends and family too! AAx