20 Celebrity Siblings Ten Times Hotter Than Their Famous Family Member


We've all drooled over a celebrity we knew we would never meet, but still totally fantasized about marrying...

Celebrities are always in the limelight so we're all aware of just how gorgeous they are, from pretty much every angle. It's easy to imagine that anybody related to these demi-gods must feel kind of overlooked... but that's not entirely true.

I've discovered that some celebs have siblings who are ten times hotter than their famous brothers/sisters! So whilst their siblings are making serious cash and get a crazy amount of attention, these hotties are just as likely to turn heads!

1. Zac Efron's delightful brother Dylan

1. Zac Efron's delightful brother Dylan

(Image Credit: Instagram)

You'll remember Zac Efron from pretty much any romantic comedy/movie-musical of the 2000's, what you probably didn't know is that his brother Dylan is just as much of a heartthrob! Good genes or what?!

2. Kate Hudson's out-of-this-world gorgeous brother, Oliver

Remember in high school when you had a total crush on your best friend's brother?! I'm getting those kinds of feelings right freakin' now! Not that me and Kate Hudson are best mates... but I like to think we would be if we ever met...

3. Nicholas Hoult and his radiant sis Rosanna


4. Blake Lively and her ever so handsome brother, Eric

So cute

5. Scarlett Johansson and her hunky brother Hunter

(Image Credit: Instagram)

Who would have thought the gods would bless us with a male equivalent of the queen that is Scarlett Johansson. What beauties!

6. Taylor Swift and adorable Austin

(Image Credit: Instagram)

When Taylor Swift isn't recording the next song that will be stuck in head all freakin' day then she's chilling with her gorgeous brother Austin! How sweet he's keeping her safe from the rain, that's a good brother!

7. Just gorgeous Jessica and Joshua Alba


8. Nikki Reed and nice-to-look-at Nathan

Nikki is an acting star from the Twilight movies but she's stayed super down to earth and tight as can be with her big brother, Nathan!

9. Penelope Cruz and magnificent Monica!

(Image Credit: Instagram)

Feel like you're seeing double?! You're not the only one! Penelope on the left and her gorgeous sister Monia is on the right... at least I think it's that way round! How much gorgeous-ness can you fit into one family?!

10. Jennifer Lawrence with beautiful Ben and Baline!

They're all got the same gorgeous smile!

11. Adam and magical Michael Levine

Adam Levine, singer of Maroon 5, is a well-known heartthrob. But who knew he had a just as gorgeous doppelganger?!

12. Lily James and cheeky chappy Charlie Thompson are a handsome pair of siblings!


13. Harry Styles and his gem of a sister, Gemma

When Harry Styles isn't busy being the Prince of pop he'll be chilling out with sister Gemma. They look super relaxed, just kicking back and being ridiculously good looking.

14. Half-sisters Dakota Johnson and Stella Banderas

These two share (and take after!) mother Melanie Griffith! Dakota (left) of fifty-shade-of-grey-fame appears super protective of her sweet half-sister, Stella.

15. Emma Watson and amazingly handsome Alex!

Look at these two! They're the spitting image of each other! They've got such fine features... some families get all the good stuff, eh?!

16. Kate Middleton and perfect Pippa!

Kate may be the future Queen but Pippa is pretty as a princess! These girls have been blessed by genes most of us would kill for!

17. Chris Evans and (super hot!) Scott


17. Chris Evans and (super hot!) Scott


18. Lady Gaga's sister Natalia

It must be hard work standing out against Lady Gaga! Not only is she a fantastic singer but she also tends to look pretty quirky! The good news is her sister Natalia is also super pretty and knows how to work some statement jewellery and purple lipstick!

19. Rihanna and ravishing Rajad!


20. Jared and Shannon Leto

When Jared isn't playing the quirkiest characters Hollywood has to offer he'll be strutting around with his brother, Shannon. These two have some seriously cool looks and if Jared's Jesus-vibes aren't your thang, I think Shannon is a bit of a hunk!


So, there you have it, folks! The unknown beauty of celebrity siblings! Did any surprise you? Who else deserves a shout out? Let me know in the comments! AAx