20 Comics Of How People Imagined The Future Hundreds Of Years Ago

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1.) Aerial Firemen

This looks a whole lot like helicopters to me…it’s so interesting how they thought it was more realistic that we would fly with artificial wings rather than some kind of vehicle. They weren’t too far away, though!

2.) At school

If only it were that easy! Unfortunately, kids still do have to actually read books at school to learn. However, kids can listen to audiobooks so maybe this representation isn’t too far off after all…

3.) The rural postman

This would be just a little bit unsettling in the morning, waking up to a strange man in a plane trying to deliver your post. However, we do now have drones and airmail so this idea isn’t quite as crazy as it looks!

4.) Astronomy

This one is actually eerily realistic. We have highly powerful telescopes that can see other planets. We can also project these images and zoom in etc. I bet they would be shocked to know that we are sending people to Mars soon!

5.) A very busy farmer

Another one that has come true! However, we can use satellite GPS tracking rather than wires. This is definitely something that farmers can use so they weren’t far off.

6.) Divers on horseback

This is a little far-fetched and weird…unfortunately we don’t have huge seahorses that we can ride around. However, we do have machinery that we can dive down in! Not as cool as huge seahorses though…

7.) Aero-Cab Station

I was waiting for the flying cars one! We do actually have the technology for flying cars, however, it was deemed unsafe and impractical. We do have airports though which is a very similar idea, just long-distance.

8.) Electric scrubbing

We do have very fancy hoovers and steamers now that basically clean the floor without you having to do much. However, we don’t have an electric scrubber as far as I’m aware, you still have to do that yourself…

9.) An aerial battle

It’s sad that they didn’t think there wouldn’t be wars in 2000, obviously, there are still wars unfortunately so they weren’t wrong about that. We gave up on using Zeppelins and just use planes now.

10.) Intensive breeding

This one is very true now although it’s not quite as instant as pictured! They really did have a lot of good predictions…

11.) Madame at her toilette

I mean, we still do have to do our own hair and makeup now, unless you’re super important and someone does it for you. However, we do have filters and apps that can essentially do that for us!

12.) A house rolling through the countryside

This is like a dramatic camper van or RV. You can literally travel around and live in those vehicles that this really is very close to reality!

13.) A well-trained orchestra

A keyboard with multiple songs recorded or even a CD do basically what this picture is suggesting. However, I’m sure the artist would be happy to know that our orchestras are still real people!

14.) A rescue

This one did come true although it’s helicopters not a plane as planes can’t stand still and hover in one spot. Another very accurate prediction!

15.) The stirrup-cup

What goes better with flying than some alcohol?! We do sell food and drink on board planes now but obviously the pilot isn’t allowed to drink alcohol…thankfully.

16.) The new-fangled barber

I am very glad that this horrific invention never came to light! I don’t think anyone would trust all of that coming towards them…the closest we’ve got to that is electric razors.

17.) In pursuit of a smuggler

Another very accurate one although we have helicopters rather than flying people, or should I say heliCOPters. I’ll go home.

18.) Fishing for Seagulls

This one is just a little bit…strange. Why would we want to capture and eat Seagulls? Did they really want to try them that bad back in the day? Nothing is appetizing about a Seagull.

19.) Battle-cars

This looks like some extreme road rage! Although, this is pretty realistic when thinking about tanks and armored trucks.

20.) A torpedo plane

This is hauntingly accurate. We have bombers instead. It’s very sad to see that we are still behaving the same towards each other when it comes to war as we were hundreds of years ago.

I don’t know about you but I’m impressed about how realistic these were! What are your predictions for the year 3000? Let us know in the comments!

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