20 Crazy Movie References Hidden In Disney Films

20 Crazy Movie References Hidden In Disney Films

    You would never think that movies such as The Shining and Die Hard have any connection to your favourite Disney films but, surprisingly, they do! Some of these may be intentional while some may not but the connections seem a little too obvious to just be a coincidence…

    You will never look at these Disney classics in the same way after seeing these crazy connections to popular movies. Remember folks, everything is connected…

    1.) Same carpet in Toy Story and The Shining

    Pixar, Warner Bros.

    Pixar, Warner Bros.

    Sid’s carpet in Toy Story has the EXACT same pattern as the carpet used in the Overlook Hotel from The Shining. They’ve basically just inverted the colours but other than that, it’s definitely the same. Considering Sid is a naughty kid and seems to like creepy stuff, I can’t help but think this was an intentional connection…

    2.) Cop scene in The Incredibles and Die Hard with a Vengeance

    There’s a scene in The Incredibles where the cop catches Mr Incredible and Frozone in the jewellery shop. The scene references the exact scene where Zeus Carver is held up by police in Die Hard with a Vengeance. I would have NEVER linked Die Hard and The Incredibles together but there you go…it’s a small world!

    3.) The “pec pop of love” features in Moana and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

    Maui in Moana is voiced by Dwayne Johnson does the Rock’s famous “pec pop of love” just like he did in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island! He really does love that move…

    4.) In Hercules they do the same training montage poses as in The Karate Kid

    Disney, Columbia Pictures

    Disney, Columbia Pictures

    In Hercules, you can see the gang doing the training montage strike the same pose that Mr. Miyagi does on the beach in The Karate Kid. I love this reference and it’s so awesome to see the influence movies like The Karate Kid have!

    5.) Mushu in Mulan and Rambo in Rambo III respond the same

    In Mulan, the men in the fireworks tower ask Mushu who he is, he responds in the EXACT same way that Rambo does in Rambo III. This is pretty cool but I would never link these films together!