20 "Dangerous Dogs" That Aren't Quite Living Up To Their Warning Signs!

20 “Dangerous Dogs” That Aren’t Quite Living Up To Their Warning Signs!

20 “Dangerous Dogs” That Aren’t Quite Living Up To Their Warning Signs!

We’ve all seen those ‘Beware of the Dog’ signs, haven’t we? It seems, if you have a resident Doggo, then you’re more than likely going to sport of them outside of your home, am I right? Which is fair enough.

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However, when I was a kid (which wasn’t that long ago, honest!) whenever we were out and about and we saw one of those signs, we were genuinely cautious, you didn’t seem to see them all that often back then…and there was usually some huge, cute, savage beast residing there, which albeit was still adorable, but likely to rip your arm off in the blink of an eye, also!

Which got us like;

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Whereas now, the times seem to have changed, these ‘warning signs’ are more for amusement and novelty now more than anything else, and half of the furry residents sporting these warnings, just don’t really need the note of caution.

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& If you need proof (any excuse to show you cute pictures of animals!), then keep reading my friend, because we’re bringing you the cutest creatures that apparently need a note of ‘caution’….(yeah, right!)

1. Meow…errr, I mean…WOOF! *ahem*

Sorry, kitty face, you’re totally busted! Mind you, if I know cats (and I do), that little guy is just making sure that everyone knows who people should really be afraid of! Never mess with a black kitty!

2. Beware of the absolute ANGEL, you mean!

Beware Of The Dog
The only warning sign that this baby needs is a heart warning because I’m pretty sure that mine is collapsing on itself with the cuteness at the moment! Those eyes are enough to melt you down dead!

3. Beware of the Plep

Beware Of The Dog
The only danger here is probably being smushed to death by all that gorgeous fur! Tongue pleps and nose boops abound! So sweetly savage!

4. Beware the Belly Rubs

Beware Of The Dog
No Chief, not much danger here, just a little guy who is requesting belly rubs or he’ll lick our faces off! So, I’d send back up anyway…this guy is going to need a looooottt of tickles!

5. This one is really taking the mick!

Beware Of The Dog
Although I’ve got to admit, I do feel slightly sleepy, loved up and fuzzy! I think I’m being sedated by the sheer adorableness! #dontsendhelp #igotthis

6. Don’t use the ‘B’ word

Beware Of The Dog
Excuse me!? This sign is already off to a bad start because everyone knows that there ARE NO BAD DOGS!!! Cute? Yes! Mischievous? Of course! But NO BAD!! Look at that little guy though, he’s like ‘DON’T JUDGE ME COS I IS LITTLE!’ *bork*

7. A worthy sacrifice

Don’t Forget To Look Down.
Bye bye, ankles! It’s been fun! I’m sorry, but it would be totally worth losing my ability to walk ever again if it meant I could get even the quickest cuddle from this gorgeous little soul!

8. Excuse me, sir! You seem to be in the wrong place…

Beware Of The Dog
Wow, has this dude ate the Dog or what!?
The way he’s looking at the camera, he’s totally saying ‘yeah, you got more to worry about than the Dog now, my friend! Now, fetch me my dinner!’

9. Dog Smog

Beware Of The Dog
Look at that lil’ face! He’s using his saucer eyes to try and look as menacing as possible, but it’s just not working.
I’m sure kitty here is like ‘yeah, honestly man, beware of that mutt, he really, really stinks…and you don’t wanna know where he’s had his tongue!’

10. Joey doing a sad

Beware Of The Dog
Joey looks saddened and offended at your judgement. He’s like, ‘how could they!? Who really knows the REAL Joey!? I’m done with you, man!’

11. I thought you may need this…

From An Early Age, Puppies Are Trained To Scare Away Intruders.
Because I’m just so savage and fierce, I thought that you may need to warn the other humans about me? Errrr, human? Why are you crying!?

12. Beware of his wisdom

Beware Of The Dog
What a wise-looking, old soul! Nothing to be scared of here, except perhaps, he’ll tell you the meaning of life and blow your mind…and then maybe fetch you, your slippers.

13. No one is ever afraid of me *sigh*

Beware Of The Dog
Look at the sad look of resignation on this kitty’s face! He’s like ‘no one ever says beware of the cat and I’m way more scary than any hairy mutt face! It’s no fair, I’m fierce too!’

14. Pull your scariest face, Rex!

Beware Of The Dog
Oh…well, at least you tried, eh?
(He looks more like he’s seen the end of the world in a profound vision…or  more likely, he’s thought about the treats he’s going to get for dinner!)

15. Are they even real!?

Buddy And Boo May Look Cute, But They Are Really Fierce.
They don’t even look like real Dogs, they’re that cute! They look like plush toys! So adorable!

16. I’m more worried about the humans here…

I don’t want to know how many bodies they’ve had to hide! Although, I’m sure they got a smush from this cute duo first though, and to be honest, what a way to go!

17. Smol but mighty

Beware Of The Dog
He’s just like ‘errr, that’s NOT me on the sign there, no, that’s Major…he’ll rip your leg off for sure! I’m just here for the cuddles! *ahem*‘ (Totally a trap!)

18. I think he’s a little distracted…

Beware Of The Dog
This dude is too busy loving life to care about disembowelling trespassers! He’s all about lazy summer days and butterflies, he’s a lover, not a fighter!

19. Such a big sign for such a small doggo

Beware Of The Dog
I love how the sign is actually bigger than the Dog here! It looks like I’m saying goodbye to my ankles again! Oh well, it’s all in the name of cuteness!

20. Beware of the totally photogenic face!

Beware Of The Dog
Enter at my own risk? Well, my own risk is totally telling me to go for it! How could you not with such a beautiful face! My god! #myheart

All images sourced from and credited to Bored Panda