20 Dog Crossbreeds That Are UNFAIRLY Adorable


1.) Goberian (Golden Retriever + Siberian Husky)

I don’t think I have ever seen a dog as majestic and cute as this Goberian in my entire life! I wonder whether they have the energy levels of both dogs combined? Sounds like the owner must be up for very long walks and play sessions, I think it’s worth it for those eyes and adorable Golden Retriever ears!

2.) Little Ozzy (Retriever + Beagle + Terrier + Pomeranian)

Believe it or not, this little pup is 9-years-old. Yes, 9 YEARS. He still looks like a tiny puppy and is so cute that my heart has well and truly melted. I have no idea how they mixed all of those dogs to create this cutie but I’m living for it.

3.) Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd + Siberian Husky)

I’m going to say it…this is the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen. There! I said it. Those amazing Husky eyes with the adorable ears and face-shape of a German Shepherd is just gorgeous. We do NOT deserve dogs as perfect as this!

4.) Shepherd Chow (Chow Chow + German Shepherd)

This is a dog cross-breed I never knew that I needed in my life until now. Just look at how fluffy he is! The tufts of fur around his ears and paws are just the purest, most wholesome thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

5.) Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog + Poodle)

Frank is 7-months-old. Yes, 7 MONTHS. His owner boldly claimed that he wouldn’t be as big as a Bernese Mountain Dog thanks to the Poodle mix. Well, it looks like she was very wrong because at 7-months he is already practically the same size as her! I bet he gives good cuddles though…

6.) Pitsky (Pit Bull + Husky)

Look at the eyes! He looks so adorably derpy and I love it. Honestly, this is a cross-breed that I never thought would happen and yet it really works! Huskies will ALWAYS pass on their beautiful eyes, no matter what.

7.) Saint Berdoodle (St. Bernard + Poodle)

Now, THAT is a cute and fluffy doggo. She is basically a super fluffy St. Bernard and slightly smaller. Either way, she is perfect the way she is.

8.) Pomsky (Pomeranian + Husky)

Look how pure and sweet she looks! I think this is one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen, she’s like a tiny Husky! She looks so perfect and cute, I’m not sure this is even real, Yuki is too pure for this world.

9.) Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Poodle)

Bless his little tiny heart! He is little a small, fluffy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he looks like he could heal the world with his cute stare.

10.) Dalmador (Labrador Retriever And Dalmatian)

Look at this butterscotch Dalmatian, he is so perfect! He literally looks like a Labrador but with spots, and maybe a little smaller frame. Either way, he is just so cute!

11.) Alusky (Alaskan Malamute + Siberian Husky)

Look at this majestic beast! She looks like something out of a fairytale book, the long hair and blue eyes are so gorgeous and I just want to cuddle her!

12.) Beabull (Beagle + Bull Dog)

That’s a strange looking Bull Dog…this one is literally EXACTLY a half and half mix in terms of its features. It literally looks like half Beagle and half Bull Dog, so cute!

13.) Goldenshund (Dachshund + Golden Retriever)

He is such a cutie! He looks like a chunky Dachshund and that’s just so adorable. He little chunky legs and body are just so heartwarming and you can really see a hint of Golden Retriever in his face!

14.) Yoranian (Pomeranian + Yorkie)

Loook at her little face! She is the cutest little teddy bear ever! It’s official if you mix a Pomeranian with a Yorkie, you literally get a tiny little teddy bear.

15.) Aussiepom (Pomeranian + Mini Australian Shepherd)

I have never seen a dog like this and he’s officially stolen my heart for good. Look at how fluffy he is! I bet he feels like a cloud. Also, the colours are beautiful, he is such a King!

16.) Too many dogs in one… (Spaniel + Coonhound + Foxhound + Basset Hound + Labrador Retriever)

This adorable little pup has a long history of other breeds to make this ADORABLE crossbreed. I think my favourite thing is his ears, he looks so cute!

17.) Puggle (Beagle + Pug)

Okay, so I thought pugs were cute but worry about the health issues associated. Then I saw this Puggle and I fell in love! The cutest of a Beagle and Pug combined without the health problems! My heart is officially full.

18.) Chug (Chihuahua + Pug)

Okay, this is messing with my mind. It’s the adorable face of a pub on a tiny Chihuahua’s fluffy body?! Perfection really DOES exist.

19.) Pugmation (Pug + Dalmatian)

A pug-sized, cool-coloured Dalmatian. This is just too much cute in one dog! It’s not fair. I really need one of these in my life…

20.) Chusky (Chow Chow + Husky)

Could this be the fluffiest dog in the world? Possibly. It’s like a fluffy orange Husky with an adorable curly tail and I love it! I just want to cuddle it forever.

Did you fall in love with any of these cross-breeds? I know I did and now I want to give them ALL a cuddle and tell them that they are good boys and girls. Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!