20 Dog Ratings That You HAVE To Agree With

20 Dog Ratings That You HAVE To Agree With

20 Dog Ratings That You HAVE To Agree With

If you love dogs, it’s likely that you have stumbled across the Twitter account called WeRateDogs. They basically rate dogs but every dog is perfect so they all get very generous points indeed.

I hope that you agree with all of these dog ratings, you would be HEARTLESS to disagree. Enjoy 20 perfect dogs.

1.) I trust Molly

Molly would never lie to us. If she said she wasn’t eating the leaves then you better believe that she WASN’T EATING THE LEAVES. She definitely deserves 13/10 for her honesty.

2.) Todd the hero

Bless his heart! This is a true doggy hero that looks out for his owner. Glad to hear that he will make a full recovery and DEFINITELY deserves the high 15/10 score.

3.) Brain freeze Leo

I can’t blame Leo for eating his ice cream so fast, it looks incredibly tasty. I agree that it probably definitely was worth it. I would give him a cuddle for his stressful ordeal. 13/10 is well deserved!

4.) Dario has no self-control

We all get the temptation to chomp on tables every now and then, especially if we haven’t eaten for a while. Dario is just acting on his puppy impulses. Have definitely forgiven him.

5.) She tried her best

Scout is like all of us, she is just trying her best to get through life. Even though life will sometimes hit her over the head with a stick.

6.) Golden carpet worm

Looks like this person mistook their carpet for a dog. It’s an easy mistake to make and it happens to the best of us. Just focus on the positive and move forward, it still got a 13/10!

7.) You can do it, Bunsen!

I’m not sure why Bunsen was so tempted to eat a dandelion but each to their own. It looks like he is struggling with a dandelion addiction. Just take it one day at a time and you’ll get there Bunsen!

8.) Put your kitchen bear away

Yes, bears are cute but they definitely aren’t dogs! At least they still rated this happy bear even though they claimed that they wouldn’t.

9.) Nice rug

I agree it’s extremely rude to send a rug picture to a dog rating Twitter account, you’re lucky that they liked your rug or you might not have got a rating AT ALL.

10.) Best buddies

This is probably the cutest thing I have EVER seen. Both these dogs deserve 20/10 in my opinion but I respect this Twitter page too much to dispute it.

11.) Old Billy

This is the most precious dog I have ever seen. Bless poor old Billy, just because he can’t see or hear doesn’t mean he can’t smell out food and love you even more than ever!

12.) Violent Molly

Molly may want blood but she is still the cutest thing I have ever seen. I embrace Molly’s violence, I don’t run from her. She just doesn’t know how to love yet!

13.) Muffin from the good girl factory

Someone, PLEASE take me to visit the good girl factory, it sounds like a wonderful place of joy and happiness. I hope they give Muffin batteries soon, it looks like she has a lot of love to give.

14.) Walrus

This dog is trying to disguise itself as a Walrus and I think they’ve fallen for it! He deserves a 15/10 for his costume, very impressive. I wonder if he made it himself?

15.) Sid the pizza dog

How did you get famous? I held a pizza in my mouth and smiled for the camera. Fair enough. Sid only holds pepperoni pizza, don’t you dare offend him with a margarita. Sid is very special to us all.

16.) I would 100% donate

Chester is the kind of dog who actually really cares about how your day was and actually really wants to help you find everything you are looking for. Chester is such a good boy.

17.) You tried your best, Gunther

Bless Gunther’s little heart, he really does try his best when taking leaps of faith. I believe that one day he will be the best leaper in the land. Just watch this space.

18.) Indecisive Mowgli

I relate to Mowgli on a profoundly spiritual level. I really wish that I could be carried around so that I didn’t have to make ANY decisions for myself. 14/10 would definitely be best friends with.

19.) A rare Katara appears

Katara has been blessed with too many toes and we just love her all the more for it. She provides luck to all who meet her. Also, from now on, I’m calling dog’s toes toe beans.

20.) Simba and his proud doggy smile

This is just adorable. Look how proud of himself Simba looks! He deserves all of the congratulative cuddles in the world. Simba is just a cutie pie.

I hope that has fulfilled your daily dose of good boys and girls, they all deserve 100/10! If you disagreed with any of these ratings then you are wrong unless you think that they deserve higher, then you are right. Either way, all dogs are perfect!