20 Dogs That Have Been Hilariously Shamed For What They've Done


1.) Gross doggo

He may look cute and innocent but don’t let him give you a kiss, you will definitely regret it! I mean, at least he licks up his mess which isn’t too bad…

2.) Meet the Farkers

This dog does look very ashamed of his farking problem, just look at his eyes! I really want to witness this dog bark, does he fart every single time he barks? He might want to get that checked out.

3.) This dog has no limits

I actually had to read this one twice…what is appetizing about ashes anyway?! This really is a mischievous doggo, he’s an absolute savage!

4.) He regrets everything

This dog definitely has the look of regret on his face. I have no idea why dogs eat things like ashes and petroleum jelly, what on Earth is appetizing about that?! I really don’t want to know what those farts look like…

5.) He looks proud of his work

This pup looks incredibly smug, I really don’t think that he regrets ruining the rug, he looks very proud of himself. I don’t think this dog shaming really worked.

6.) Its an inside job

Hmm, this isn’t really the dog’s fault is it? Looks like they have a human traitor in their midst!

7.) Dogs have weird tastes

So, it’s ashes, petroleum jelly and NOW cat litter?! These dogs have the weirdest tastes in treats. I think this naughty doggo has a problem.

8.) A bad day

Wow, this dog really isn’t having a great day. I can understand his temptation to eat an entire bag of Cheetos though, they ARE delicious. Puking down the AC vent though, that sucks, imagine cleaning that up!

9.) Dysfunctional relationship

Oh dear, I think these two need to be kept apart from each other. Their babies would probably be pretty cute though…

10.) Bad intentions

Not sure I trust this doggo, he looks offended that she even told him off. I think that he is a cold-blooded killer, she might want to sleep with one eye open.

11.) Pillows fear him

Aww, this poor cutie looks so guilty about his pillow eating obsession. I immediately forgive him, I hope that he is okay.

12.) It’s a gift!

He’s not sorry about it because he thinks that it’s a gift to show his love and appreciation. I would LOVE to receive the gift of a dead squirrel from this cutie.

13.) She doesn’t regret it

She looks incredibly proud about peeing on her sisters. Her sisters, on the other hand, do NOT look very happy at all. I hope she stops peeing on them.

14.) Prankster pup

This dog looks like he is posing for a photo, he is incredibly proud of his sense of humour! He definitely does this on purpose and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

15.) Dream team

The dog on the left seems to do the dirty work while the one on the right seems to reap all of the benefits. At least they are working together, though!

16.) A bad time

This one really is shocking. I imagine that smell didn’t lift for HOURS. I think this doggo did it on purpose, he probably wanted a walk or something!

17.) Nervous doggo

Aww, this one is so sad! He is such a kind-hearted dog, he doesn’t want to upset the cat because let’s be honest, they ARE scary. Hopefully, one day he will pluck up the courage.

18.) Patience isn’t their forte

The look of pure guilt on these two dog’s faces is just too much. They were just excited for their monthly present!

19.) Real fear

The look of fear in this poor dog’s eyes is just too much. I really hope he manages to work it out with the chalkboard pig, they could be friends!

20.) Best friends

Aww, what a sweet friendship these two have! Pinning each other down and peeing on one another. So sweet!

I think we can all easily agree that these dogs are all immediately forgiven, they didn’t mean to commit such awful crimes! Have you ever shamed your doggo? Let us know in the comments!