20 Famous Actors You Never Knew Had Crazily Similar Stunt Doubles 


1.) Johnny Depp And Stunt Double Tony Angelotti In The First ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Movie

Stunt doubles are a staple of the Hollywood magic toolbox of smoke and mirrors. They're experts at climbing up things, falling off things, driving things dangerously, hitting things, being hit by things, looking like other Hollywood things, and much more!

It's a job which requires immense skill, dedication, and an ability to do things which would make other people wet themselves, all while being filmed and getting little-to-no credit for it! 

Well, here are 20 stunt doubles who you've more than likely seen endangering their lives without even realizing it, some of whom will make you do a double take, and other's who will make you think... 'how did I fall for that?'

(Source: insidescience)

You may look at this guy and think, 'there's no way I'd fall for that', but plenty of research has been done into how the brain allows itself to be fooled in order to keep a story consistent when being viewed. Neuroscience graduate Alina Liberman said of this effect: 

'We think we are seeing Johnny Depp portraying Jack Sparrow in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films, but it is actually his stunt double, Tony Angelotti. Although this seems like a mistake that the brain should avoid making, it actually helps us see the world as more stable and continuous.'

2.) Harrison Ford And Stunt Double Vic Armstrong

(Source: Vice)

Vic Armstrong, aside from having one of the coolest names ever, was Harrison Ford's regular stunt double. This photo was signed by Ford for Armstrong and says, 'If you learn how to talk I'm in deep trouble!'

3.) Elijah Woods And Scale Double Kiran Shah For Lord Of The Rings

(Source: Twitter)

One of the main things I used to wonder when watching Lord Of The Rings, apart from what the heck is going on, is how they managed to make Elijah Wood appear so small in comparison to the likes of Ian Mckellen who really isn't that tall! 

And yes, I may need to get out more but it's my time, I'm allowed to wonder whatever boring things I want to in the comfort of my own home! 

4.) Carrie Fisher And Tracey Eddon On Set For Star Wars 

(Source: Telegraph)

In a photo that is probably legendary in nerd circles across the globe for all the wrong reasons, Carrie Fisher and her stunt double Tracey Eddon can be seen here posing in the now iconic gold bikini from Star Wars. 

Nerds, take your beta blockers now.

5.) Kate Beckinsale And Ex-gymnast Alicia Vela-Bailey... Or Ex-gymnast Alicia Vela-Bailey And Kate Beckinsale?

(Source: Express)

I've been staring at this photo for a good long while now and I'm still not entirely sure which one is which... can anyone please help? Seeing how much they look alike does at least explain why I never got the call I guess.

6.) Jacob Tomuri And Tom Hardy

(Source: Instagram)

Yes ladies, hold onto your hats, as here I present you a photo that has arguably more sex appeal than any other on the internet, it should come with a health warning for those with weak hearts.

7.) Margot Robbie And Ingrid Kleinig

(Source: Twitter)

Another one for the nerds! I can tell I'm getting old as all I can think when I'm looking at those outfits is, 'those poor girls must be freakin' freezing!'

8.) Michael Douglas And Mike Runyard

(Source: Facebook)

Mike Runyard has actually been Douglas' stuntman for 26 years, and the pair have even been known to go golfing together. I'd pay a lot to get to spend that long with Michael Douglas!

9.) Mark Wahlberg and Dan Mast Flexing On The Set Of Transformers

(Source: Instagram)

This is another one which took me a few minutes to get! There's more muscle in this photo than at a seafood restaurant!

10.) Uma Thurman And Zoë Bell In Kill Bill

(Source: Observer)

Zoë Bell has been described as Quentin Tarantino's 'stunt muse' and 'protege'. Bell has actually managed to progress into garnering speaking roles for herself thanks to her outstanding work as a stunt double! 

She might be able to give Tom Cruise (the man who tries to kill himself at least one time in every movie he does) a run for his money!

11.) Chris Pratt And Tony McFarr

(Source: IMDB)

McFarr has also doubled for the likes of John Hamm, Brendan Fraser, and Christopher McDonald... that's one hell of a roster of people to be told you look like! 

I occasionally get a candy floss machine, which is a bit of a step down I'll admit.

12.) Jennifer Lopez And Her Male Stunt Double

(Source: DailyMail)

I mean, I wasn't expecting that I'll be honest; but, if you look at his jawline and nose I think you can really see the resemblance! He doesn't exactly look too happy with his life choices in this photo though! 

13.) Bobby Holland Hanton And Chris Hemsworth

(Source: Instagram)

This surely must have been a pouting competition because there's no way that anyone poses for a photo like that by accident! Although I never knew someone could look so good with a ponytail so I guess anything is possible.

14.) Rick English With Colin Firth 

(Source: IMDB)

Yes, you read correctly, that man's name is 'Rick English'! As if Colin Firth has been out Englished by his own stunt double! This photo is so British I can smell tea in the very air I breathe.

15.) Brad Pitt And Stunt Double On The Set Of The Counsellor 

(Source: glamour)

I think for me this could be the two that look the least alike! With the faces that they're pulling it looks like the pair of them are staring in a mirror and they've just been told they look alike... and they're not having it.

16.) Arnie And Peter Kent On Set Of Commando 

(Source: izismile)

Now, I've actually seen Commando for some reason, and boy that is definitely a movie that's for sure. I probably missed Kent due to being distracted by the terrible dialogue, insane plot lines, and the explosions that occur every... single... solitary... second that the move is freakin' running. 

17.) Taylor Lautner Kicking Himself 

(Source: glamour)

If they've made sure that Taylor and his stunt double are dressed the exact same, wouldn't you take the time to have a hairdresser make it so that the stunt double has the same hair as Taylor? They've got pretty wildly different hair lengths! 

They must have kicked themselves when they realized! (I'm so sorry)

18.) A Flock Of Willises 

(Source: icepop)

I think they've just confused 'Bruce Willis lookalike' role with 'generic balding middle-aged man' role. 

19.) Alexander Skarsgard And Mark Slaughter 

(Source: Instagram)

Okay, so I thought Vic Armstrong would be the coolest name on the list but Mark Slaughter may have taken it. Also, considering Mark is the stunt double, Skarsgard is far more dirty... that's probably my only problem with this photo though, aside from that it's alright... I guess...

20.) Four Martyrs Walk Into A Bar

(Source: VanityFair)

Michael J. Fox here is pictured with three extra Martys, one stand-in, one photo double, and one stunt double, and not one of them look anything like Michael J. Fox! I mean, odds are that one would look a bit like him just by chance? 

So those were 20 famous stunt doubles who you may have never even known were in your favorite films! Some of them definitely look more like their actor counterparts, which one do you think was the closest match? Let me know in the comments below! AAx