20 Foods That Grow In Strange Ways



It is grown in the ground, but grows out of it standing straight up.

2. Capers

They're actually the picked flower buds of this plant.

3. Almonds

Did you know almonds grow on trees? They're inside those woody shells.

4. Wasabi

Well we weren't expecting that.

5. Kiwi

You could get your very own kiwi vine if you wanted!

6. Pineapples

I wonder how they manage to stay upright - must be some pretty strong leaves holding them up.

7. Quinoa

It's actually the seeds from this plant.

8. Brussel Sprouts

A whole bunch of them grow on a stalk of one of these plants... You either love 'em or you hate 'em.

9. Artichokes

They're actually a flower - we just eat the bud, because the rest grows in to the flower blossoms when it blooms.

10. Peanuts

They grow underground - how strange does that look?!

11. Cashews

They grow outside of the fruit - leaving them to look like some kind of angry-faced mushroom people!

12. Celery

Again, it just grows straight out of the ground.

13. Papayas

They grow on trees, kind of like bananas.

14. Cinnamon

It's actually dried tree bark from this tree... Bet you didn't know that!

15. Saffron

It looks quite pretty, actually!

16. Eggplants

They're technically classed as a berry because they grow on such low plants.

17. Broccoli

It's the flower of this plant, which is a weird way to think about it!

18. Peppercorn

Doesn't look like the pepper we sprinkle over our dinner, does it?

19. Chickpeas

They grow in green shells low to the ground.

20. Dates

Dates grow in large hanging clumps on special date palm trees.


Have you ever seen any of these foods growing like this before?

Or have you never really thought about how they were grown?

Either way, it's pretty interesting, and half of them you probably wouldn't recognise despite eating them regularly!

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