20 Funny And Clever Mom Hacks You Wish You Had Thought Of

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1.) New cooling method

This mom’s kid couldn’t wait for their fries to cool down and was on the verge of a tantrum. So, she thought of an innovative way to get them down to temperature. Applause all round!

2.) Keeping those fingers toasty

This mom used a nappy as an ice coffee sleeve so her fingers wouldn’t freeze off. Innovative and hilarious!

3.) Tablet viewing station

This mom is so clever we can’t deal with it. She has managed to hang up the tablet whilst keeping it safe from kid’s food and drink as it’s in a zip-lock bag! She knows what’s up.

4.) No Mess

This mom put her kid’s wrap in an ice lolly holder so there wouldn’t be any mess. Ingenious!

5.) How to get kids to eat breakfast

This mom calls this breakfast “toast fries” and “jam ketchup”. That makes it sound even more appetizing to us adults! This mom has got persuasion down to a T.

6.) Super-glue is our friend

This mom super-glued her daughter’s doll’s shoes onto their feet so that they wouldn’t go missing anymore. We are yet to find a problem that super-glue doesn’t solve.

7.) A new way to bring in the shopping

This mom used her kid's wheels to bring in the shopping in one go. This is something we need to start doing as it’s an endless battle. You either attempt to bring it in at once, sustaining multiple injuries and pulling muscles or, you spend half an hour taking it in slowly. Now, we won’t have to do either!

8.) When you have to get creative

This mom had no time to waste in this scenario. She didn’t have any nappies so made one herself using a shopping bag. What a hero!

9.) Old socks have their uses

This mom used her baby’s old sock to keep the wrapping paper together. A great way to stop it crinkling or using a rubber band which just ends up tearing or marking the paper. Thanks, random mom!

10.) Mind=blown

This mom took the clips off trouser and skirt hangers and used them to seal bags of crisps. No more pointless hangers you don’t use and no more stale crisps!

11.) Hiding the goods

This mom hides her M&Ms in a coffee cup so the kids don’t catch on. Moms rejoice, you can finally eat chocolate undisturbed once more!

12.) Easy access

This mom doesn’t mess about. She installed hooks on the water dispenser to hang her kid’s cups on. Time-saving like a boss!

13.) She needed to move the table…

This mom had no one to help her to move the table but she didn’t let that stop her! Instead, she used her kid's skates on each table leg to move it. Now, that sounds like fun!

14.) Relaxation time

This mom used the shower caddy to enjoy all the relaxation she deserves.

15.) Innovative hammock

The table hammock was made using only a bedsheet! The little one will be entertained for hours.

16.) Battle the scary monsters

If your little one is scared of monsters in the dark at night, arm them with this monster spray!

17.) Sticker trick

This mom has the ultimate hack. If your little one is struggling to know which shoe goes on which foot, just make sure they make this picture inside of their shoes match before putting them on!

18.) No-spill trick

Kids always spill food and drink in cup holders. Now, if you put rubber cupcake cases in the holders, it’s an easy cleanup!

19.) Work for your Wi-Fi

This mom has the ultimate hack to get the kids to clean their room, just take their Wi-Fi away!

20.) The get-along shirt

If the kids are arguing, this mom solves it with a t-shirt!

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