20 Gay Glow-Ups That Are Wholesome And Inspiring

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1.) From 2008 in the closet to 2018 and proudly gay

Vincent really has had one of the best glow-ups I’ve ever seen. Not only is he now out of the closet but he now wears clothes that fit him properly! He really is living his best life.

2.) From denial to freedom

Cristina always denied her sexuality and stayed in the closet for many years. She now embraces who she is and is WAY happier for it!

3.) Popped collar to public relations exec

Matthew really is smashing it! Not only does he no longer pop his collar but he is also more confident in accepting his sexuality. This has landed him an awesome job and it fills my heart!

4.) 16 vs 26

Kelsi didn’t come out until she was 19 and since then she really can’t believe that it took her that long to realise! She is embracing who she is and everyone loves her for it.

5.) From weird mouse girl to out of the closet

Paige claims that the weird mouse girl that she once was still lives on in her soul. All I know is that she is KILLING IT and I think we are all glad that weird mouse girl is no longer a thing.

6.) From depressed and closeted to happier than ever

Eric was incredibly depressed in high school due to the fact he was denying his sexuality. He is now out of the closet and in a much better place. He makes much healthier choices mentally and physically and I’m LIVING FOR IT.

7.) Trying to fit in during her 20s to living her best gay life in her 30s

This badass is now a registered nurse who is incredibly happy with her loving girlfriend. This is just awesome and I’m so glad that she is happy with who she is, there’s nothing better!

8.) “I smile much more”

Kevin dyed his hair black from a box and wore only plaid. Now he embraces his natural hair, he sexuality AND he smiles a whole lot more. I don’t know about you but that is WHOLESOME.

9.) A lot changes in 10 years…

He discovered skin care and embraced his facial hair after he left the closet. I am cheering him on, he looks amazing and much more confident!

10.) “Things do get better”

Courtney went from being sad, lonely, confused and depressed in high school to being a happy wife and mom! No matter where you are in life, it’s clear that ANY situation can get much better.

11.) Awkward teen to absolute Queen

Nicole was an extremely awkward and self-conscious closeted teen. She is now an androgynous, sexually fluid adult who doesn’t care about other people’s opinions! Safe to say that she is a lot happier now…

12.) From 15 to 25 and very much out of the closet

At 15-years-old, this woman had no idea that the feelings she had for girls were much more than just friendship. She is now 25-years-old who is proudly gay and still slightly awkward, oh, and she’s terrible at flirting but she’s still happier than ever!

13.) He spiced up his life

He has embraced his sexuality and ran with it. Far more confident and in love with life than ever before, he really did spice it up!

14.) The perfect gay glow-up

Ryan went from bad haircuts to loving life pumpkin picking, embracing skinny jeans and rocking awesome hair. Not a bad turnaround! He also highly recommends a mud mask face routine.

15.) “Gay looks good on me”

Beth was once incredibly scared and extremely closeted. She is now the producer of an all LGBTQ comedy festival! She is doing great things and encouraging others to embrace who they are.

16.) Happier than ever

In 2009, Dylan was overweight, unhappy and denying his sexuality. In 2019 he is gay and proud, healthier and in love with his partner in crime!

17.) The floating fist says it all

I think he knew that he was gay when he looked at his high school prom picture! He is now embracing who he is and rocks leather like no one else has ever before!

18.) From pretending to be straight to being very gay

She pretended to be straight at her high school prom (note, the clenched fist). She has now embraced her true self and is happily open about being very gay. This makes me so happy!

19.) In his first gay relationship

Ten years after the first photo was taken, Ross is now happily out as gay and is in his first gay relationship. He may just be as socially awkward as before but at least his is remaining true to himself!

20.) Loving your authentic self does your body good

Wow. What a transformation! He looks a million times happier and healthier with WAY better fashion sense.

I don’t know about you but these pictures have significantly improved my life. It’s INCREDIBLE the glow-ups these awesome people have gone through and I hope that they are proud of who they are because I certainly am! Now, try telling me that this WASN’T the best thing you’ve seen all week, I’m waiting…

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