20 Grandmas That We Should All Aspire To Be When We’re Older

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1.) Model of self-confidence

This Grandma teaches us that we all NEED to be self-confident as it will make us much happier in the long run! This is the kind of attitude we all need to have and I’m going to start calling myself the most beautiful girl in the world from now on.

2.) Teaching us true dedication

This Grandma teaches us the TRUE meaning of dedication. Think you’ve spent a lot of time on something? Try spending 3,580 HOURS on Animal Crossing. Then you’ll learn dedication, my friend.

3.) Don’t take any nonsense

This Grandma has no TIME for complaining. If you say that you are going to do something, DO IT. Or this Grandmas will shout at you and probably make you cry.

4.) Don’t sugar coat it

This Grandma teaches us to speak our mind and accept the truth. She isn’t scared of death and she is spouting TRUTH. You go, Grandma!

5.) Back in the day

I’m not sure what she means by, “I was a lesbian ONCE” but what an awesome Grandma! I definitely aspire to be this laidback and accepting when I am a Grandma.

6.) This Grandma will drink you under the table

WOW. Okay, I couldn’t even do this at the PEAK of my partying days. This grandma is a legend. She will teach you how to hold your liquor like a grown-ass WOMAN. I’m sad to say this isn’t even me now so no way it’ll be me when I’m a Grandma.

7.) She knows her memes

7.) She knows her memes

7.) She knows her memes

This Grandma can meme better than ANYONE. She’s also the Queen of setting up her son, well done! I definitely need to be this good at reaction pics when I’m older.

8.) This Grandma can pull off anything

When your Grandma wears your clothes better than you do, you know you are in trouble. Everyone needs to be as badass as this Grandma is!

9.) Sassy

This Grandma takes her birthday very seriously and takes NO prisoners. If you forget, prepare for a VERY sassy text message. The ‘thanks’ at the end is CUTTING.

10.) Very intense

This Grandma sounds ruthless. Writing deceased under yearbook pictures?! Jeez, it’s out of some psycho stalker film. I mean, at least she’s determined.

11.) Best music taste ever

Now, THIS is a Grandma I can jam with. ABBA are amazing and Waterloo is their best work! I will definitely fit in with the Grandma’s.

12.) The sweetest Grandma EVER

Okay, this Grandma is just TOO PURE for this world. the cat looks so fancy in its new scarf and it’s handmade! I think I need to be a part of this family.

13.) Speaking her truth

This Grandma offers words of wisdom for all women. I aspire to be as sassy and independent as her.

14.) Makes sense

When I’m old, I want to take time to reflect like this Grandma does. She doesn’t judge modern society but embraces it and accepts women are just prettier, that’s all.

15.) Priorities

This Grandma definitely has her priorities straight and I can completely respect that. You absolutely CANNOT ruin the cat’s Christmas surprise.

16.) Be as savage as this Grandma

I definitely hope I am as this savage as this Grandma one day. At least she had good intentions!

17.) Struggling with technology

I wonder that if when I become a Grandma, I will struggle with the confusing new technology too. I hope so. Then one day I might become a meme. Lifetime goal achieved.

18.) Be as proud of your Grandson as this Grandma

If anything, we should all aspire to be as proud and supportive of our family as this sweet Grandma. She is willing to put anyone in their place!

19.) Disappointed Grandma

20.) I want to control the world

This is the funniest thing EVER. When I’m a Grandma I’m actually going to be able to control technology like some evil mastermind. The world isn’t ready.

Have these Grandma’s inspired you to be more like them? I hope so or they will certainly have something to say about it. Grandma’s are awesome and if I’m anything like these ladies, I’m looking forward to it.

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