20 Happy Facts That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

20 Happy Facts That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

20 Happy Facts That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Did you know that when cats give you dead animals, they actually think that it’s a present to you? And rats laugh when you tickle them? These are just some of the happiest facts we have found, we have many more to tell you!

Get ready to have the best day ever after reading these adorable and extremely happy facts. Pass them on and put smiles on people’s faces! Enough facts are doom and gloom these days, let’s make them uplifting instead.

1.) Recycle for stray dogs

boredpanda , Pugedon

I would literally recycle every bottle to EVER have been created in order for vulnerable stray dogs to be given food and water. I have no idea why every country in the world doesn’t do this, it can be done for a variety of causes and is an awesome way to get people to recycle.

2.) Hold my hand

wiki , wiki images

Look at their little hands holding each other it’s too cute! Sea otters really do look out for each other and it’s just so adorable.

3.) I second that

FBI , FuN_Lucky

I’m so glad that this is taken seriously. Animal abuse is disgusting and it says a lot about a person’s character and what they are capable of.

4.) Planting trees for baby girls

wiki , piplantri

Now, THAT is dedication. 111 trees for every girl?! It’s awesome but a lot of work shows how much they honour having girls.

5.) Social animals need friends too!

abc , fuzzberta

This is just so pure my heart is so full right now. Switzerland has always been a nice country, now it’s even nicer than ever.

6.) Guard dogs for penguins

warrnambool , oddball

This is just so amazing. Tiny penguins need to be protected and the fact some furry guard dogs are the ones protecting them is just so adorable.

7.) I think I’ve found my dream job


Okay, so where do I apply? This is the best job in the world and I NEED to do this. Getting paid to hang out with adorable pandas all day?! Yes, please.

8.) Dead animals are presents to cats!

livescience , amagoba0

Next time your cat leaves you a dead mouse, you should say thank you! They think that they are actually helping you so maybe don’t give them such a hard time next time.

9.) Wedding goals

manchestereveningnews , MonicaVolpin

This is so cool. Imagine if the Queen actually showed up to your wedding?! I think I might just invite her to mine…

10.) Giggly rat

freesciencelectures , Kapa65

This is probably the cutest thing that you have heard all day. I want to buy a rat now just so I can tickle it all day!

11.) The coolest school ever

Bored Panda

This is such a clever idea and would really be magical for the kids. If I had this in school, I would be so excited every time it rains!

12.) Diego: a legend among tortoises

ecowatch , DaFranzos

Imagine if this was you. Saving a species by having 800 kids. Pretty badass.

13.) Magical

wiki , mvdvegt680

This is probably the purest fact that I have EVER heard. Corgis are magical taxis for fairies and that makes them more special than ever.

14.) Cow BFFs

northamptonchron , ulleo

Scientists have proven that cows actually stress out when separated from their best friends. This is sad and I hope no cows get separated ever again.

15.) Happy rabbit

rabbitspeak , Jannes Pockele

So when rabbits jump around wildly, it means that they are actually happy! This is so cute and it makes me very happy.

16.) No one likes a bully

sciencemag , Unsplash

Humpback Whales are like the guardians of the sea world. I think it’s because they don’t like bullies and that’s what Killer Whales are!

17.) Good to forget

wildlifejack , Brittamay

Bless them, I’ve always wondered how squirrels know where their nuts are buried but apparently, they don’t! At least something good comes out of it.

18.) Dogs perform chivalry

nbcnews , Counselling

The intelligence of dogs never fails to amaze me. This is so adorable and sweet to know how much dogs care for one another.

19.) Perfect for those with anxiety

neuro.wisc , SplitShire

I’ve listened to this and it is probably the most calming song I’ve ever listened to. You should definitely check it out!

20.) Fairytales are real!

wiki , Jennie Park

This is so awesome! Makes watching the show even more special now, thanks, happy fact!

I hope these amazing facts have put a smile on your face and improved your day. The world will live in isn’t quite so bad after all…