20 Heart-Melting Dogs Who Are Just So Gosh Darn Overexcited!


Sometimes when you're a dog everything can be just too freakin' much, so much so that you just can't handle it... it being, well, pretty much just whatever is happening!!

Whether they're overexcited, confused, scared, or even high, dogs have some not so subtle ways showing their emotions!

So if you're having a bad day, or a good day that you just want to get better, then strap in 'cause here's 20 dogs who are just... so... freakin'... all... about... their...current...situations!

1.) When You And Your Friend Take A 'Nice' Photo

(Photo Credit: Know Your Meme.com)

nice' photo for 'memories'... FYI, I'm not the one in the background. What's worse is that they always end up on Facebook because they think that they

2.) Is... Is That Dog High?

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

'still under the influence' sound like the sort of thing your friend says to your parents when you got too drunk at a party where you shouldn't have been drinking at all and they had to come pick you up... not that that ever happened to me!

3.) Actual Footage Of Me In Bars

(Photo Credit: imgur)

I'm the one people are trying to kiss, not the other way around... I promise.

4.) *Doorbell Rings

(Photo Credit: knowyourmeme)

This dog reminds me far too much of myself before and after the take-away arrives! The second that doorbell rings life just seems a little sweeter!

5.) You Do You Pooch, You Do You

(Photo Credit: Reddit)

Good to see a dog trying to help out with the housework! Although, sometimes it's just nice to stop and smell the windows... yep, smell the windows, that's definitely the expression.

6.) Pool Party

(Photo Credit: Tumblr )

This dog loves water as much as I love sleeping in! Someone should really take him the beach, imagine if he saw the ocean? He might explode!

7.) When You Overhear Someone Talking About You

(Photo Credit: Tumblr)

'What did you just say?' 'Nothing...'

8.) #Shortpeopleproblems

(Photo Credit: tumblr )

The struggle is real when you're trying to get something off one of the top shelves at the supermarket. I'm not going to ask anyone for help, just gonna stand here on my tiptoes staring at that fancy box of cereal I wanted.

9.) Complete Contentment

(Photo Credit: cutesypooh.com)

This dog looks more zen than a monk on zanex, either that or it's just left you a surprise poop in your shoe.

10.) Selfie Struggles

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

I've never been good at taking selfies, and the struggle is even more real when there's just too much excitement and not enough time, or decent camera angles.


(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Everyone who doesn't own a car loves snow, so naturally dogs fall into that bracket - for the moment anyway #carsfordogs2019.

12.) Shampooch

I thought dogs were meant to hate bathtime?

I don't even like having to wash my hair myself, such a faff, if only I could have someone to do it for me, there's a market that no body's tapped yet... I think?

13.) Move Over Miss World

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

'How does it feel to win?'


14.) Happy Birthday!

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

It's hard to decide whether that dog is terrified by the cake (a fear I wish I had developed), or so completely desperate to get stuck into the cake that their owner is having to hold them back (sounds more likely).

15.) How Did He Even...

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Some dogs just need a bit of a helping hand every now and again... when they accidentally swallow a plate whole. Still, looks like he's not letting it get him down too much.

16.) 'Look Sexy!'

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Apparently this dog is really a rescue dog, so I can understand the excitement... Shut up, you're the one crying!

17.) Definitely Up To Something

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)


That butter-wouldn't-melt smile is definitely hiding something, I'd be checking the snack cupboard if I were you... or your shoes for poop!

18.) When Your Partner Isn't In The Mood For Hugs

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Sometimes you just want to watch Netflix alone, is that so much to ask?!

19.) Think She's Got A Good Hand?

(Photo Credit: memesfeel.com)

I'd be tempted to fold, there's a subtle tell that would suggest she's sitting on something good... unless its a bluff!? Well played pooch, well played.

20.) Jesus Take The Wheel

(Photo Credit: Dumpaday.com)

Yep, you thought #carsfordogs2019 was a cheap gag, well think again! As you can see, dogs have some strong opinions on our driving ability! Join the cause using #carsfordogs2019.



I hope you enjoyed my list of 20 best dogs who were completely overwhelmed with life! My personal favourite was the poker one, a lot about that picture explains why I don't go to Vegas. Let me know which one of these good boys brightened up your day! AAx