20 Hilarious Christian Memes That Will Make You See The Light


Okay, so maybe the bible isn't packed full of jokes... but that doesn't mean it's not a good read!

Whilst some people might think the Bible consists only of hellfire and condemnation and all Christians are eager to admonish anyone who strays from the straight and narrow path, they're actually just as likely as anyone else to have a wicked sense of humor! And these 20 memes are the miraculous proof...

1. Tap water for the table...

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The last supper is, of course, a very sad occasion... but just regular supper with Jesus? Amazing! You'd save a bomb if you were dining out!

2. Classic Mark

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The greatest film taken out of context will always provide quality memes.

3. Conflict in da club

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Every Christian knows that contemporary times can sometimes make it a little hard to navigate the world as a good Christian. The Bible doesn't specify how to decline somebodies phone number or how to forgive those that take the piece of food you had mentally bagsied.

4. Resurrection run-ins...

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It's a shame the bible isn't written like a sitcom... I guess it's already the most published book in the world so it would have a pretty strong following.

5. Nothing good whatsoever happened on Friday, why do you ask?

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6. The Lord works in truly mysterious ways...

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God has a plan for us all... but not the perfect guy for us all...

7. The regular, every day, not at all suspicious supper...

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It would be just like Judas to come along without his wallet as well...

8. Jesus the VIP

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Tell me Jesus

9. Scrubs up well for service

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God is always with you so you ain't fooling anyone... but it's okay, as long as you look presentable when you visit his house you should be good!

10. That's the (holy) spirit!

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It's great to spread the word but... I guess sometimes you think you look a bit more graceful than the reality!

11. Sneaking siblings at service

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Sure, Jesus preaches love and forgiveness but he was an only child, right?!? He didn't know how freakin' annoying brothers and sisters can be!

12. Jesus, the perfect party guest

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There's nothing better than friends except friends that bring you snacks. There's nothing better than Jesus except Jesus that brings you snacks.

13. How'd you like THEM apples?

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Come again, Eve?

14. Love is love, folks!

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So a lot of the Bible is open to interpretation... but let's agree there's no debate to be had when it comes to loving one another!

15. #JustRomanThings

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A cross? Never heard of that, never even seen one? Nah, mate, you've got the wrong guy, I just rolled into town today...

16. The religious rollercoaster...

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It really is a nightmare when this happens, there's just no way of telling what this guy is going to get up to next!

17. Asking a favor from your fave diety...

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And I've got a couple of utility bills... oh, and a few parking tickets... please, Jesus?

18. Judas plays dumb

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19. I found Jesus, but he wasn't happy about it...

20. Baguette banter

But don't fill up before the main...

Don't believe anyone who says Christians have no sense of humor!

Let me know in the comments which of these was your favorite! And don't forget to spread the word by sharing this with all your Christian (and non-christian!) friends! AAx

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