30+ Hilarious Gravestones Of People Who Got The Last Laugh

30+ Hilarious Gravestones Of People Who Got The Last Laugh

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    There are only two sure things in this life; Death, and Taxes. I know that may sound miserable as heck, but just because it sounds it doesn’t mean it has to be! There’s always time for laughter, even long after you’ve shuffled off of this mortal coil… and all these people below PROVE it!

    Don’t believe me? Well have a scroll down and check it out for yourself!

    1. That’s One Damn Good Nap

    Ah Joan Hackett, my spirit animal. Maybe she wasn’t a fan of visitors or maybe she was just a huge fan of sleeping, all I can say is… well, I hope this one actually is a joke, or Joan will be getting a pretty nasty surprise when she eventually wakes up.

    As much as I like sleep, I’m definitely not this committed to it.


    2. Spanks Til I Die

    And now I am cursing the universe for not placing me in the Spanks family tree. Not 100% sure if this was done on purpose or if the family was so overcome with grief that they didn’t think it through properly… but I am 100& sure that either way, it is hilarious.

    Whatever Arthur and his wife got up to behind closed doors is their own business!


    3. I FEEL U BRO

    This one is short, simple and straight to the point, and that’s why I love it! Although, at this point in time I’m not sure who it sucks to be more – this guy, or the people who still have to live in this current world.

    Sorry I got a bit gloomy there. Give me a pass, it is Monday after all…

    4. That’s Bread Funny

    Here’s another case of someone embracing their amusing surname, and riding the joke into the afterlife. John, God rest his soul, saw the opportunity and he took it with both hands, and I am so so glad he did. Greatest pun I have ever seen on a gravestone, period.

    In other news, I have a sudden and strong urge for fresh-baked bread.


    5. Carefree Un-living.

    I think I would have liked Lola. She seems as laid back in death as she probably was in life. As the old saying goes; Que sera, sera!