20 Hilarious Photos That Prove Babies Look Just Like Adorably Small Senior Citizens


There's a lot babies and senior citizens have in common; wrinkles, long naps, grumpiness and sometimes a little trouble standing on their own two feet.

1. The perfect little gentleman

This little lad is so classy! Just observing all around him with such a refined air. Definitely an old fella before his time, ready to deliver some seriously sage wisdom about diapers.

2. Mother, you're hurting my pride

How degrading, to be trapped in this animal onesie and mocked by your relatives! I don't blame his Mom though, he's too adorable/grumpy not to photograph!

3. How improper! Not like it was in my day...

This is an absolutely dapper little lad! The anchor pattern on his bow-tie is absolutely adorable and suggests a long, hard life at sea.

4. Grumpy goober

(Image Credit: Reddit)

It's not easy being little! Nobody knows that better than this newborn, he's so sick and tired of these blue jammies and Mom keeping him awake with cute photos.

5. You're off your trolley, young 'un!

Look at all this food! Just make sure you mush it up Mama, this little (old) guy doesn't have his teeth in!

6. Worry wrinkles

(Image Credit:  pocketfoxx / reddit)  

There's plenty that keeps you up at night when you're a ninety-year-old baby! How will you get your standard twenty hours sleep a day? What if the food mush doesn't go down right? It's a never-ending challenge.

7. When the grandkids visit

Nothing nicer when the grandkids pop round, right?! Even better when they bring you a big bag of your favorite cough drops!

8. When Grandma sees you've left food on your plate


9. Baby balding

Is the hair growing or is it thinning? Has this human just been born or is he retiring after fifty years loyal service at a bank?? I have so many questions and so few answers...

10. Mini egg head

According to his bib, this is Mommy's happy little camper! Sure, he might look like he needs some help setting up camp (those creaky joints and all) but he's still stolen my heart! That smile!

11. I'm how old?!

This little one has just received some truly shocking news! I hope nobody told him he's the spitting image of his grandpops... he'll look younger soon, I'm sure!

12. What did you say, sonny?

All two foot nothing of this little guy is to be feared! Look at those wrinkles, he's been hardened by a life of toil and mischief. Don't test him Momma!

13. Where's my flat cap, dammit?!

This poor guy looks so chilly! Thankfully he'll be taken inside soon, plopped in his favorite armchair and given the cryptic crossword until he falls asleep.

14. I've only been napping for six hours, go away

This guy is not happy. How dare they disturb his napping?! He mowed the lawn this morning and that is tiring work!

15. "They don't make bunny jumpers like this anymore, I'll tell you that for free!"

(Image Credit: Jenicsaco / imgur) 

Everything was better in the "good old days" right? Well, based off of this photograph, yes! Look at those cute pink polka dots! The tiny rabbit ears! And yet, you still want to huddle round them and listen to a story about "the war"...

16. Drooping lids 'cos I can't stand these kids


17. Sneaky senior

This is the look of every proud Granddad on Christmas morning. Sure, he can't hear a single thing being said, he may not even know exactly what date it is or who these people are, but he's so happy to be sat in the corner as the kiddies open their presents.

18. Widdle wrinkle

Poor baby! Looks like he's just sucked a lemon and so all the wrinkles are extra deep. He looks so cute and squishy, I just want to wrap him up and return him to the retirement home...

19. And that's how we won the war with the soft toys

A look of deep reflection here. There's a lot of history behind this tiny tots eyes. He's seen some stuff and, by god, does it show!

20. What does that say? I forgot my freakin' reading glasses again!

This kids face has been scrunched beyond his years! Those drooping cheeks are beyond adorable! I'd pinch them if I wasn't absolutely certain he'd thwack me with a walking stick and grumble about the "youth of today"!

Still, babies can do no wrong in my eyes... even if they do look like they'll be claiming their pension anytime soon...

Who'd have thought it, hey folks?! Were you a similarly wrinkly baby? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to share this with your friends, both young and old! AAx