20 Hilarious Pictures Of Newfoundlands That Show Just How Freakin' Huge They Really Are


1.) Sebastian needs a safety vest because people keep mistaking him for a bear

Yes, you read that right. This huge Newfoundland called Sebastian is so large and bear-like that his owner needed to take the precaution of using a safety vest as he kept scaring people! Little did they know that he is a harmless teddy bear.

2.) I can't tell the difference...

This adorable Newfoundland loves to take his pony out for a walk! Seriously, these two are so alike that it's slightly nerve-racking. He probably thinks that this pony is just another dog!

3.) Only 16 months apart

This baby probably won't outgrow the Newfoundland until he is 16-years-old! It's adorable to see something so huge and powerful being so kind and gentle to a tiny defenceless baby. I bet that they'll be best friends for life!

4.) They will always be lap dogs

Despite their extremely large size, these dogs will always insist on being lapdogs as they are just so loving! Yes, they may not fit but look at those eyes, you can't say no.

5.) Nope, that's NOT a bear

Okay, now I can seriously understand why people may mistake Newfoundland dogs for bears, I mean, surely this is a bear? I'm not convinced.

6.) They love smaller dogs too!

Size really doesn't matter and love definitely is blind. Newfoundland's love smaller dogs and play with them so gently, it's as if they are made out of glass! These dogs truly wouldn't hurt a fly.

7.) They thought that a bear had broken in...

If I saw this in my house, I would probably run out of the door screaming. Thankfully, it was just a Newfoundland. They really love disguising themselves as bears, don't they?!

8.) Strike a pose

This Newfoundland clearly likes to be painted like those French dogs. She has mastered the tongue-out pose, she is pretty and she knows it!

9.) Tennis helper

This fluffy Newfoundland likes to go to tennis practice with his owner and help out. At least he could grab all of the tennis balls that go out of the court, he could probably fit them all in his mouth at once too!

10.) 150 pounds but still a lap dog

He may be able to only sit on one leg but he is still a lap dog at heart. These Newfoundlands just want to be loved and I am more than happy to do that for them!

11.) The coolest Newfoundland on the block

He REALLY doesn't look too impressed with his new haircut. He can't complain though, in the summer they get far too hot with that extra thick coat, his new mop hairstyle suits him!

12.) They will be your best friend for life

The expressions of pure joy in these photos are just adorable. Newfoundlands are gentle giants that will love you with every part of them, that's 150 pounds of love!

13.) They really shouldn't be lap dogs...

He may be smiling but really he is crying out for help, his ribs are currently being crushed. He will suffer the discomfort for his best Newfoundland buddy though!

14.) They make great pillows!

The huge size and amount of fluff on a Newfoundland means that they make fantastic pillows and/or headrests! They don't mind it at all, as long as they are hanging out with their favourite human.

15.) They are behind you...

When it comes to food, Newfoundlands get pretty excited. I mean, they are so huge, can you blame them for loving food?!

16.) He likes to sleep with his head in the toilet

This Newfoundland puppy (yes, PUPPY) loves to fall asleep with his head in the toilet. These big dogs definitely don't have small personalities, they will always be making you laugh!

17.) Right after he ate the turkey

Wonder why this family look so unhappy on Thanksgiving whilst their Newfoundland looks so happy? Well, he might have just eaten all of the turkey...

18.) A hug from a 14-week-old Newfoundland

I am shocked that she is only 14 weeks! They definitely won't be able to pick her up for much longer...

19.) That's a QUEEN-SIZED bed

This Newfoundland makes a queen-sized bed look like a small double! It's impossible to share a bed with a Newfoundland, you might as well just buy them their own bed.

20.) Excited for a road trip

This Newfoundland is super excited for his upcoming road trip! Its a shame that he practically takes up the entire car, he definitely needs googles and a seatbelt.

I don't know about you but I am desperate to own a Newfoundland now, I want my very own huge teddy bear! They really are gentle giants and are a blessing to this world. Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!