20 Hilarious Playground Design Fails That Are Completely Inappropriate!


What was yours!? (Feel free to let us know in the comments) Mine was always the swings! I loved the swings! & There was always that slightly terrifying myth that if you swung too high you would go right around the top! (Whoever came up with this, FYI, this instilled a fear in me for years that kept me from reaching the stars on my swing, you b*stard!)

Anyway, we thought we'd rekindle your love of playgrounds in the only way we know how...in an amusing yet slightly inappropriate way...

Keep reading and you'll know exactly what we mean...

1. Off to a great start, here!

You know when I said that you'd know exactly what we meant!? Well, one picture in and I'M already lost for words, so god help you guys! Who in their right mind thought this was appropriate for children!?

Mind you, to be fair, that is kind of how kids get born, isn't it?

2. Errrr, Pikachu...what's wrong with you!?

Oh dear, oh dear, I'm still lost for words! I guess you could sort of get away with the previous one, but this is just BLATANT FILTH. Put it away Pikachu, no one wants to see that, never mind go inside it! Eeek!

3. All Aboard Thomas The Existential Angst Engine

Well, this is one way to cheer the kids up! Not!

I think Thomas has hit some rough times, wow, buddy...don't worry! This too will pass.

4. Really...REALLY!? For CHILDREN!?

Well, akin to the first one on this list, I guess it could be useful for explaining to the children, how they actually came into existence?! Yeah, maybe not...

5. *TUT TUT*

Can you imagine the planning meeting for this!?

'So you're proposing we put huge statues of children, URINATING in our public playground!?'

'Yes, but they're but COLORFUL...and the kids can play on the strands of urine!'


6. South Korea needs to take a long, hard look at themselves

6. South Korea needs to take a long, hard look at themselves

I can't even be appalled right now, can someone just tell me what's going on here!? Because I'm struggling to understand this whole thing.

7. Yikes!

Wow, do you think that they just ran out of slide and thought 'ah, stuff it, they'll have to just drop a few feet onto the hard concrete below, they'll be fine!'

I bet this has certainly caused some injuries up to now! I'd still totally try it though! #rebelrisker

8. Russia, are you okay?

Yeah Russia, if you want to traumatise your children, then you're doing a bang up job here! It's very unsettling, isn't it!? I don't even want to know what happened to this poor Zebra!

9. This is meant to be Mickey Mouse

I don't think this is Mickey, no, I think this is his down and out, long lost brother, Matthew the Mouse! Who really needs to be put out of his misery by the looks of it! Poor soul!

10. This looks like something from a horror movie!

For the love of god, whatever you do! DON'T split your legs when you're sliding down this thing! Urgh! All fear the sinister banana slide!

11. Put it away, Spiderman!

& If it wasn't already inappropriate enough, what's the betting that you have to blow this thing up through his anus!?

12. It's got to be a trap!

This doesn't exactly look like the right place for a Playground, does it!? It's got to be some kind of dastardly trap! Stay away, kids! No slide is worth that!

13. There's just no getting away from this one


14. If You’re A 10 Foot Child And Want To Learn Braille, Do I Have The Playground For You!?

I don't think 'I feel good!' is the appropriate sentence to use here, I think 'I feel dizzy' or 'I feel short' would have been way more appt!

15. I think these guys have got it the wrong way around!

Come on...there's just no excuse for this! Elephants have TRUNKS for god's sake! Perfect for making a SLIDE out of! Some people just want to stay in the gutter!

16. Poland, I see you, you're no better!

Yes, Poland, you need to hang your heads in shame too! Your playgrounds are utter filth!

17. Morg and Magu

The Simpsons

18. Spiderman your knickers are showing!

I think Spidey's secret, ladies underwear fetish is now well out in the open! #yikes He even has some side boob going on from his tight bra! #ifeelyapspidey

19. What IS this!?

Forget inappropriate, this is just terrifying! I think any children who are brave enough to go in that thing, won't be coming back out again, we must warn them!

20. The Penis of the Carribean

Whoever made this knowing that it was going to be for children, is going to hell! & It will be the first thing they see upon entering its doors!

All images sourced from and credited to: Bored Panda