20 Seriously Relatable Tweets For People Who Are Just Hopelessly Single

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So, depending on our own personal baggage and daddy/mommy issues, then some of us have probably spent more time single than others.

Cue, the 'forever alone' crew! I personally don't mind being single as it allows me to be on my own, which to be honest, is the best thing for everyone, but sometimes, being single can be such a DRAG!

& these 20 people are hilariously tweeting about just how frustrating and lonely being hopelessly single can really be....and it's brilliant!

1. Life is too short for love

It really isn't worth it, there have been a few times where I wish someone would have just given me a good, hard slap everytime I began to catch feelings for someone. It never ends well.

2. All mourners are welcome

Siri just out there ruining lives like it's going out of fashion. I can actually feel the absolute CRINGE from here. R.I.P girl, you will be missed!

3. Just call me a #hotsalad

Well, I've heard of a hot mess, but never a hot salad...well, whatever it is, this guy is rockin' it! In my opinion, if she can't handle you at your hot salad, then she'll never appreciate your hot dog (no sexual pun intended.)

4. Dating apps definitely need to up their game

Or, better still, just don't go on dating apps, EVER! It solves a LOT of problems believe me. There's a reason they're all on there people! #ditchtinder

5. Don't meddle with things that don't need fixing

I don't blame this lady one bit, the grease and feeling like you've consumed an entire tub of lard after eating an entire 18 inch Pizza to yourself is the best bit! If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

6. Hitch up Hikers

The Simpsons

7. Could there be worse?

Who thought there would be anything worse to receive than a d*ck pic!? But yes, I think the creepy, cringey poem wins out by a mile!

8. Oh...

I've heard of talking to plants, but never anything about kissing them!? I'm thinking that he should maybe pass on this one.

9. Priorities

I feel you dude, I'm also about as exciting as a baked potato on a date. In fact, the potato would probably be a bit more thrilling... *sigh*

10. Preach it!

I wish I had a million hands right now because I'd be raising every single, damn one of them!

11. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Oh dear, I'm sorry dude! Maybe she just wanted someone with a more 'stable' career than something that just involves twitter followers...and football. Maybe leave that part out next time, eh?

12. Everyone needs a backup plan


13. Oh, so that's how it works!?

This has genuinely cracked me up! Oh, how embarrassed would you be though!? & I'm definitely going to start calling a menu the book of food, in fact, it'd probably end up replacing the Bible, with a name like that!

14. Not THAT kind...

Well, I at least he's innocent enough not to catch on the first time what she meant and at least he was just packing muscles and not an actual gun, okay, he may be a bit brawn over brain, but I personally don't see the problem here.

15. I can't take it anymore

I've deleted and reinstalled Tinder so many times, I've lost count. Mainly because I always get reminded WHY I deleted it everytime I reinstall it. #hopeless

16. There really needs to be boundaries

I get that a lot of people are self-employed these days and that's great, however, when they give you NOTHING about what they do, then it may as well just say 'chronically unemployed and still living with my parents.'

17. You are all you've got

Hey! I get into arguments with myself all the time, mainly because I'm stupid and make horrendous life decisions, but it's only because I care about myself...and that's how it should be. #lookafternumberone

18. The dankness of it all...

Really? Memes? I certainly don't think that I'm a true millennial, then. Don't get me wrong, memes are alright, but honestly, just give me the booze.

19. #relatable

I've honestly had some shoes and bras longer than I've had any set man in my life. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I'll tell you this, my long term bras and shoes have never let me down, so there you go...

20. Apply within

I like this method actually, it's straight forward, to the point, no fuss or heavy commitment and everyone gets what they want! So there you go, that may be the key, hopeless singles, cut out all the cr*p you may get lucky!


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